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  • 5 star review  i booked a few packages online. The queue at counter was shorter for those who booked online vs buying tickets at the oriental village, which was great. Tho the guy didnt see all the packages i had paid for and so i had to queue twice. nevertheless had loads of fun at all the venues... for mangrove tour, we got an awesome guide. Such good english and very professional. A shame i cant recall his name!!!!

    thumb Liza Salim

    4 star review  i book new vios with car seat on 7nov-10nov2017. the car is in excellent condition.

    thumb Tieha Shah
  • 1 star review  once we reached airport, called the person in charge. after 30mins then the guys come to us. after paid deposit and filled up the insurance form, waited another 30 mins for the car to reach us. we already told the guy that we will reach airport 7am when depart. we called b4 7am once we reach. Told us "datang! datang!" so another 30 mins waiting for the car to return.

    thumb Hui Lai

    4 star review  Just booked from langkawi deals and had great experiences as they are fast, easy and efficient! Just booked from them mangrove tour and skycab! Worth it and good service from the nature guide for mangrove tour!👍👍👍

    thumb Elaine Tan
  • 5 star review  This is an amazing looking website...especially all that pink

    thumb Arul Prasad

    5 star review  Mylangkawideals was the best in terms of arranging the activities in Langkawi. We booked well in advance with Mylangkawideals for our trip to Langkawi. All we had to do was to show the mail to the respective counters to bypass the queue and get things done! I'd highly recommend Mylangkawideals for anyone who's planning to visit Langkawi! They take care of everything from the beginning to the end. The best! 🙂

    thumb Gautham Ramakrishnan



Located in Southeast Asia, just north of the Equator, the exotic, tropical islands and lands of Malaysia contain some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet and a collection of unrivalled rainforests and national parks. Malaysia is a beautiful country with various destinations to be enjoyed by oneself or travelled with the whole family with so many things to do. Malaysia’s treasures are not only for locals to enjoy but also those from abroad to savour what the country has to offer. Some of things that one can do in Malaysia are such as Geoforest Mangrove Tour (Pulau Langkawi), VR Lab (Selangor), A’Famosa Safari Wonderland (Melaka) and Rafflesia Trek (Ipoh). With all its beauty and hidden treasurers, Malaysia is indeed a paradise getaway that is to be shared with the world. As proud Malaysians, we would like to showcase you all the glorious things to do in Malaysia. And seen with the wonders of Malaysia, we hope that you will come back for more. Growing form Mylangkawi Deals in the past to Tripcarte.Asia in the present, we have proven to be worthy of our customers and made a break through from just having attractions in Langkawi to expanding to all over Malaysia. Although Mylangkawi Deals is no longer, Tripcarte.Asia still has car rentals for Langkawi providing ease of access for our customers.


Tripcarte.Asia is a local online ticketing platform. We open up the hidden treasures of Malaysia to the world to be enjoyed. Among some of our beautiful destinations are such as Melaka, Penang, Pulau Langkawi (Kedah) and as well as Ipoh (Perak) with various things to do. Besides beautiful beaches, Tripcarte.Asia also provides various activities and things to do ranging from corporate team building to private company retreats. Companies can enjoy the team building while having a friendly competition of paintball or even rest and relax at a water park or go on an island-hopping adventure. We offer things to do all over Malaysia. For instance things to do in Melaka are such as Melaka Duck Tours, Melaka Alive pirate Adventure and Melaka Wonderland. Things to do in Penang are such as ATV Eco Tour Balik Pulau and Pulau Payar Marine Park. Things to do in Ipoh (Perak) are such as Kayaking Adventure, Underwater World and Skycab Glass Bottom. We even offer things to do in Port Dickson are such as, Alive 3D Art Gallery, Port Dickson X-Park and Wild West Cowboy. Tripcarte.Asia provides attraction tickets as well as destinations and activities where only a QR Code is needed as an entry ticket for your preferred destination. Tripcarte.Asia provides for both local and international guest visiting Malaysia. Each experience is carefully though of and crafted so that each experience is memorable. All bookings are done online so there is no hassle of payments to be made. Tripcarte.Asia ensures that every customers experience is worthwhile and keeps them coming back for more. With our hospitality and touch of passion for travel, we cater to the every needs of our customers so that they have a pleasant and stress free holiday.