Johor Bahru (commonly referred to as JB) is the southernmost city in Malaysia. Famous for its Sultan, its delicious food and its neighbour Singapore, Johor is one of the most fascinating states to visit in Malaysia. Johor is indeed precious for those seeking adventure or excitement, fun or entertainment, Johor offers them all. However, most people only thinks as Johor as a pit stop on route to Singapore. For most it serves as the last place to refuel or to enure that their passport is vaild or to even use up their Ringgits before heading to Singapore. Take your time to visit Johor to prove your expectations wrong as Johor has so much to offer than just a pit stop.

Johor is jam packed with family fun activities and things to do that is not just for children but also for adults to enjoy. Things to do from Sanrio Hello Kitty Town to the Angry Birds Theme Park Johor has it all no matter what kind of fun you’re looking for. Other family fun activities and things to do that can be enjoyed in Johor are also such as exploring the Johor Rainforest and visiting local cafes that offers various delicacies. Its rich culture and diversity that has something for everyone to enjoy.

There is a state in the south
That has so many things to accomplish
There you go back and forth,
Where the crown of jewels is polished

Johor Bahru is a somewhat difficult city to get around. There are taxis and buses and , of course, your own two feet. Renting a car is ideal especially when you can use the North – South Express Highway and to get to Johor. Other methods of getting there also includes flying (45 minutes), bus (approximately 4.5 hours), rail (approximately 6 – 7 hours) and taxi (minimum 5 hours).