Feast on seafood and relax on the stunning beaches of Port Dickson.Port Dickson is a beach resort destination at Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia, about 90km south from Kuala Lumpur and 30km away from Seremban. Also called ‘PD’ by locals, this popular holiday retreat is located within easy reach from KL and Singapore by major highways and roads. From PD’s town center, a coastline of warm beaches and calm seas stretches along a 10-mile strip towards Malacca.

Port Dickson is perhaps one of the lesser known tourist destinations in Malaysia. Port Dickson does, however, have some nice attractions to visit and various things to do. The most popular of the Port Dickson thing to do is obviously its beaches. These beaches are picturesque and relaxing places and are unsurprisingly popular with Malaysians. Port Dickson also has activities and things to do that can be enjoyed as a family or a traveling group of friends.

Port Dickson is 32 km from Seremban, 60 km from Kuala Lumpur, 60 km from Malacca and 320 km from Singapore. The Seremban-Port Dickson Highway (E29) links Port Dickson with Seremban and directly onto the North-South Expressway (E2) which spans the length of Peninsular Malaysia. For Port Dickson town, you should exit at the Lukut interchange (Exit 316) while those heading to the beach resorts south of town can continue either to Si Rusa or the end of the highway near the hospital at Teluk Kemang. To access the Seremban-Port Dickson Highway from the North-South Expressway, exit at the Port Dickson interchange (Exit 219) between Seremban and Senawang interchanges.