Kuala Lumpur, also known as KL is the capital of Malaysia. The words Kuala Lumpur literally mean ‘Muddy Confluence’. The metropolis got this nickname because it was founded near the place where the rivers Klang and Gombak intersect (which you can still see just behind Merdeka Square). Over the years Kuala Lumpur grew into an important Asian city. Within Malaysia Kuala Lumpur is seen as the center of the country; ‘it happens all’ in KL.

With Kuala Lumpur being the center of Malaysia, there are various things to do. Tourism is a central focus in Kuala Lumpur and as such there are a huge variety of attractions for visitors to choose from, ranging from the more traditional to the more modern depending on your tastes. Whether you enjoy spending an afternoon wandering in a leafy park, or shopping in a multi-story mega mall, Kuala Lumpur doesn’t disappoint with something to suit all ages and budgets.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Within the concrete streets,
Is KLCC for you

Yes, Kuala Lumpur’s traffic is notorious, but with a city so compact and with so many sights, is it any wonder? KL is the best place to hire a car for touring the peninsula, though driving out of KL is complicated by a confusing one-way system and contradictory road signs that can throw off your sense of direction. KL has plenty of air-conditioned taxis, which queue up at designated taxi stops across the city. You can also flag down moving taxis, but drivers will stop only if there is a convenient place to pull over. Other means of transports that are also available are trains, monorails, Grab services as well as cycling.