MinNature Malaysia, A Place Not Just For Kids | Kuala Lumpur

If you think that MinNature Malaysia is just another place for kids, let Tripcarte Asia prove you wrong.

MinNature Malaysia is located in at JUMPA in Sungei Wang. It is a hidden treasure located right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur.

Now you may think that this is just another blog written by Tripcarte Asia hoping that, eventually our readers would be intrigued to go, well you are right. Let me tell you why you should at least visit this place once.

Apart from it being new, MinNature Malaysia is a smaller scaled model of what Malaysia is all about. From local food to villages and even a mini Dataran Merdeka with the dazzles of lights and sounds.

Thinking that it was just a few mini models and nothing else, I ended up spending almost 4 hours here. There are buttons to push, moving trains, light shows and even sound effects along with the miniature models.

Upon entering MinNature Malaysia, there is a large map of Malaysia. You get to pick a sticker and place on the map to tell where you are from. The brainchild behind MinNature Malaysia exhibition is Wan Cheng Huat (Alvin). Alvin aims to bring a different kind of experience to Malaysians.

Alvin brings mini models and displays of Malaysia to live with plenty of details and creativity. Each piece takes painstaking hours to create. MinNature Malaysia seeks to replicate an entire ecosystem of animal life, human beings, and lifestyle activities within a 1:87 scale sizing in its re-creation.

The exhibits showcase mini Malaysian food from Chee Cheong Fun to Kacang Putih and even all our favourite kuehs.

Around the corner, the Malaysian Village life pops out. From farming to Chinese opera and hawker food, MinNature Malaysia has them all. Take your time to go through each exhibit. Trust me, the details in each piece makes you mesmerised at the workmanship. Down to the Yong Tau Fu and the Durians, they all had real lifelike details.

Next comes the fun part-time to push the buttons and play the sound effects. The whole floor area is a play area. Check along with the mini models, for buttons. Each button plays a sound effect or a movement for the miniatures. There are even two working trains in this area. Push the buttons and watch each one come to life.

There is even a mini treasure hunt game that you can play with your friends or family. Try and find Spongebob and Patrick or even a Cheshire Cat.

A light show highlighting the beautiful Kek Lok Si happens every 15 minutes. The lights and sounds bring the mini architecture alive. The miniatures extend to a mini Cameron Highlands as well. Complete with mini vegetables!

There is an exhibit showcasing all the different races in Malaysia. Lining up along the walls, each miniature presents a unique sense of their culture and heritage. From Indians to Malays and Chinese, there are also Portuguese Ibans.

Next, we are in downtown Kuala Lumpur. From the National Mosque to the streets of Kuala Lumpur and Dataran Merdeka, all in a mini scaled version.

Every 15 minutes, Dataran Merdeka lights up with beautiful scenes showcasing what Malaysia is all about. Do not worry if you get tired, there are places to sit and rest here.

Do not forget to spot some random characters along the way. Tripcarte Asia managed to find Mary Poppins, Superman and Batman here!

Tripcarte Asia assures you that anyone of any age would have fun here! Parents its time to bring your kids out and grown-ups can release your inner child! Below are several tips to make the most of your trip to MinNature Malaysia with Tripcarte Asia!

Tips for anyone and everyone:

  • Take all the pictures you want – there are no restrictions!
  • Try to come early on weekends – lesser crowd means more fun (especially for parents)
  • Skip the queue by getting your tickets from Tripcarte Asia
  • Plenty of space to push baby strollers
  • All air-conditioned – perfect escape from the Kuala Lumpur heat
  • Plenty of food options around from MacD to Chinese and Malay – for a lunch escape
  • Accessible by Monorail and MRT – Get down at the Bukit Bintang station

Do forget to book now with Tripcarte Asia!

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