Instagrammable Places In Langkawi

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and every corner can be beautiful if you find the beauty within it. But sometimes you don’t have the luxury of time to explore the streets, or to travel to a googled spot to discover that it’s not as stunning as you had imagined it would be.

So save your time and check out our top picks of places to visit in Langkawi.

Get a stop in three different islands farms and many places at Langkawi by getting into our geoforest mangrove boat tour. Sometimes we are sick of taking pictures at the same places. Explore new venue such as fish farm and exhibit all the fish collection species. The picture is beautifully made when there is something rare around.

One of the best beach for sightseeing with beautiful coral and environment around. A popular and must-visit site for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts keen on exploring Langkawi’s undersea action with many different corals and sea life to be pleasantly amazed by. Langkawi coral is here, which is the first platform to be in MalaysiaPulau Payar.

A rare collection of the upside-down house found in Malaysia now. You can experience one of a kind of creativity here inspired that is fun for everyone. The interactive art and the decoration in that house impressed more tourist to come here every year. Upsidow is the first and only Eco-friendly upside-down house in the world, offering a food court with European standards and a viewing platform.

The animals pleasantly welcome animal lovers over here. Instagram pictures are on top when it comes to animals as usual. Capture and create beautiful updates with animals here that are full of different species. Enjoy wildlife up close and exposures to some amazing wildlife that allows fun and interactive atmosphere. Enjoy purchasing Langkawi wildlife park tickets with reasonable discounts on Tripcarte Asia.

Enjoy all four activities at once up the sky from a different angle through our Skycab Combo at Tripcarte Asia. Take good Instagram moments with many memories at this place. The Cable Car station on the eastern ridges provides access to the eastern cliffs with its 3 vertical chimneys and the 360-degree views.

This place is one of the largest marine and freshwater aquaria in south-east Asia. Take wonderful pictures at the Underwater World Langkawi with your loved ones. Thousand of different and colour species of aquatic animals are found here. Many activities and exploration can be done at this place, and it is one of eco-tourism place.

Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi is specially designed and landscaped with beautiful plantation and greenery, making it looks like a recreation park. Different species of crocodiles are being kept in specific ponds, where visitors can have a thorough look at the crocodiles while walking around. You can have such a remarkable experience, they have a tour inside, and you can take pictures with the crocodiles too.

What you waiting for? Book your Langkawi escape with Tripcarte Asia now.

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