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At every petting zoo, you would see a few ducks, some sheep and maybe some reptiles and a few birds. Sometimes it’s just a bunch of sad animals that you can’t touch, or feed either.

And just maybe, some other petting zoos or farms are too small. A few turns here and there, and you’re practically done with those places in less than an hour. But hey, time to change that, there’s Goat2Go Animal Garden! G2G is unique in its way. Here’s why!

Apart from G2G having booked over five thousand times on Tripcarte Asia, G2G is popular for families and school trips all 52 weeks of the year.

“Bird brain alert!”

Let me first tell you what G2G is. G2G is a petting zoo (and kind of a farm?) located in Serdang. G2G stands for Goat2Go Animal Garden, but it is more famously known as G2G. This petting zoo-farm is situated just a few minutes away from IOI City Mall Putrajaya, and right in MARDI.

Getting to G2G is relatively easy with the help of Google Maps. There are plenty of parking spaces available and a restaurant on-site too.

On a ssscale of 1 to 10, how beautiful is this fella?

Purchasing your tickets on Tripcarte Asia would be the easiest way to skip the long queues here. On the weekends, it gets pretty crowded, so I suggest that you get your tickets online from Tripcarte Asia. Even better, Tripcarte Asia has discounts and promotions going on. All you need to do is show your QR code and skip the queue and get in. Definitely worth the purchase!

“Oh Deer! It’s a human!”

Upon entering G2G, you are greeted left and right with fluffy rabbits, and cats and even birds. Loads of cuteness for you to see, so many to feed that you will lose a sense of time being here.

Here are some of the unique zones not to be missed in G2G!

Cat House

The cat house is exactly as it is. Beautiful cats roam around free. You can pet them and play with them. The cats are well behaved and super friendly. You will be in awe at how cute these cats are!

“Oh the catastrophe…”

There are 2 cat houses. You can see these cats from the outside or enter into the house itself and play with them. Not a fan of cats? G2G‘s got your back! Sugar gliders and tiny baby hedgehogs are also here for you to play touch and carry. Do not worry, the G2G staff is available in the Cat House if you need any assistance.

Animal Therapy House

At the Animal Therapy House in G2G, not only can you touch and play with the goats and sheep, but you can also fee them. Goats are roaming around the farm, so be careful not to leave your things unattended. Goats tend to eat everything in their way. So be warned.

“I can be good but I can also be baaaaaa-d…”

However, you can get some goat feed from the stalls within the farm. The feed goes for RM 1.00 and there is plenty for everyone to take turns feeding the goats and the sheep.

Bird Aviary

The Bird Aviary is probably the place you will spend most of your time. I am not saying there are just tiny birds flying in a cage; there are chickens with bell-bottoms and giant parrots too! The colourful birds and chirps will make you want to stay longer and take as many pictures as you can.

“Talk birdy to me.”

Get some bird food and perch a parrot onto your shoulder. The friendly G2G staff will be there to help out. Watch out for colourful peacocks above too. The Bird Aviary is not to be missed!

Rabbit Garden

At the Rabbit Garden in G2G be surrounded by cute adorable bunnies. Be sure to carry them gently! They are soft and cuddly. In case you are not sure how to pick up these soft fluffy bunnies, there are guides for you to follow pasted on the shed.

Chubby bunnies.

The Rabbit Garden is a great place for kids. Get some carrot sticks and feed the bunnies!

Reptile House

Now this place you can spend hours if you love all creatures reptiles. Apart from the stunning snakes and pretty frogs and iguanas, please do not be frightened; they are all pretty safe and secured in their glass cases.

Mother of dragons.

Hold a snake, pet a bearded dragon and watch a black iguana sunbath; these are some of the things to admire. Get up close with some amazing species of snakes and even frogs. The amazing G2G staff will be there with some fun facts too!

Pigeon House

We all have seen pigeons on many Malaysian streets. But to see pigeons the size of chickens kind of blew our minds away! Yes pigeons that huge can only be seen at G2G.

“I am Geon. P. I. Geon.”

Although you cannot feed the pigeons at the Pigeon House, you can still admire how gorgeous these birds are actually. We typically think that these birds are always white and grey but did you know that there are glorious hints of greens and purples on some parts of their body? Well if you didn’t know that, better head over to G2G and check these marvellous birds out in action.

Tortoise Garden

Watch the Ninja Turtles in action! Get some veggies from the stalls and feed these huge tortoises.

“I knew I was going to win that race!”

Do not be afraid. They are tame and gentle. Watch these tortoises in action at G2G!

Kampong Pets

Kampong Pets is precisely as it sounds; pets that are normally seen at your “kampung”! You must think that these are just some chickens and a few ducks and geese.

“I am not cocky, just handsome.”

But here at G2G, the chickens are not only giant; they have feathery legs that make them look like they are wearing bell-bottom pants. I know it must be hard to image, so you better head over to G2G and witness such unusual chickens as these!

Fishing Boats

I know it must be weird to have a fishing boat in the middle of a farm. And it is not a boat that you fish on, but rather you fish fishes out of the boat. I know that sound rather funny and weird. But it is basically a small boat repurposed into a fishpond with tiny fishes!

There is something fishy going on here.

The best part, the G2G staff will give you nets and little cups, you can then try to catch these little fishes! You can choose to bring these little fishes home or return them back to the water.

Pony Joyride

The Pony Joyride is another part of the farm that kids can have an interactive experience! Kids can get a pony ride with no additional charges at G2G. The ride goes around the farm. Kids are guided with the G2G staff. It is an experience that kids will for sure not forget.

My neigh-bour is My Little Pony

So there you go. An endless list if things to see and do at G2G Animal Garden. But here are some tips for those planning to visit!

  • Parents – The grounds are not even, so it is best to avoid bringing strollers. There are steps and ramps, as well as uneven ground.
  • It is best to come early. Apart from the large crowds, G2G is a relatively small place. Be warned that during MCO, the area quickly gets even more crowded than usual.
  • There are plenty of animals to touch, feed and interact with. Be sure to bring some wet wipes and tissues if you need to.
  • There are several areas you can sit and have rest.
  • Vending machines can be found around the farm.
  • There is a restaurant on-site as well. However, if you choose to have more options, IOI City Mall is just a short drive away.
  • To skip the ticket counter queues, book your tickets on Tripcarte Asia. It is way quicker, simple and easier.

I hope that these insights and tips will make you want to visit G2G Animal Garden all the more!

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