Things To Do In Penang At Night

Come nightfall, the beautiful city of Penang doesn’t go to sleep. Exploring Penang at night is as exciting as it is during the day! Penang has many lively nightlife scene and unique nighttime destinations. This bustling hub of delicious food and cultural delights is undoubtedly a destination you want to discover and stay awake for.

There will never be a dull moment on this island state, from colourfully lit-up gardens to mysterious hidden bars. We have rounded up a list of things to do in Penang at night!

Try Out Penang’s Hawker Food

There’s no better way to experience the flavours of Penang than through hawker stalls! From bustling food courts to humble vendors that line the streets at night, each plate of delicious food served by them is exceptionally affordable and bound to leave you satisfied.

Indulge in what the New Lane Hawker Centre and Gurney Drive Hawker Centre has to offer. These two famous outdoor hawker centres are great places to sample some of the best local delights. Do check out the Char Kuey Teow, Ikan Bakar, Laksa and many more while you are in Penang!

At night, Chulia Street is another hot spot that you must visit for the best hawker food. Along the street, vendors set up their push-cart stalls and serve irresistible dishes like wan tan mee and lok lok.

Meanwhile, those who are spending time in Batu Ferringhi can also visit the Long Beach Food Court for a great selection of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine.

Visit Penang’s Cultural Sites

Penang isn’t just a hub for contemporary entertainment – this state is deeply rooted in culture. The island has its fair share of cultural sites, magnificent temples that call large crowds to its front steps daily.

These magnificent landmarks aren’t just places to visit when it’s bright outside; when nightfall comes, these temples light up and become a sight to behold.

The Kuan Yin Floating Temple, also known as Hean Boo Thean. This is a beautiful floating temple near the famous jetties on Weld Quay. An enchanting sight is created as the temple’s twinkling lights reflect on the water’s surface as it hovers over the water.

If you’re in Penang during Chinese New Year, you should also visit the famous Kek Lok Si Temple. This elaborate marvel of a building lights up at night with its beautiful light display during the annual celebration!

Marvel At Penang’s Best City View

Level up your exploration of Penang by catching the best views of Georgetown at night. One of the best places to enjoy the dazzling city lights would be from the rooftop of the island’s landmark, The Top Komtar.

From 68 floors above, their Rainbow Skywalk is a semi-circular glass bridge that offers stunning seamless views of Georgetown, with its clear glass bottoms and sides. Enjoy if you book through Tripcarte Asia!

Suppose you prefer a broader and more distant view of the city, head on over to Penang Hill. Enjoy the feeling of being on top of the world at this popular tourist attraction amidst the cooling night air. We suggest taking the 30-minute funicular train ride up and having a walk around as you watch the sunset and the city light up.

Explore Magical LED Gardens

Enter into a magical realm for the night as you find Penang’s Avatar Secret Garden. Tucked away behind the Thai Pak Koong Temple is this pocket of Greenland transformed into a realm of neon fantasy.

LED lights to drape off branches and wrap around trunks of trees, while tulip fields beautifully glow in bright LED colours – a truly magical sight that makes you feel as if you were in the actual Avatar world of Pandora.

One of Penang’s hidden gems, Pulau Jerejak, is a colourful tiny island you should also discover. Dotted with beautiful photo spots, this island has their very own mesmerising LED garden nestled on its grounds as well.

Stay till nighttime to catch the Jerejak Island Resort LED Garden come to life. You’ll be able to stroll amongst trees lined with sparkling lights and be surrounded by blooming flowers and manicured bushes.

Walk Around Penang’s Famous Night Markets

The authentic Malaysian nighttime experience would never be complete without visiting any local Pasar Malam, and Penang has its fair share of famous night markets with many stalls to explore.

There’s almost a night market for every day of the week on the island, so make sure you check which day each night market operates on.

You should check out some night markets: the Batu Ferringhi Night Market, the Farlim Night Market, or the MacCallum Street Night Market. These locations are local favourites where you can see staggering amounts of tents pitched up selling hot food and various affordable goods.

These night markets are perfect for your after-dark shopping needs, from cheap accessories and beachwear to local collectables and knick-knacks.

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