Best Scuba Diving Spots | Sabah

Malaysia is a land of varied and alluring attractions, with soaring skyscrapers, vibrant markets, delectable food, pristine beaches, and lush rainforests. Its location in the coral triangle also makes it one of the most spectacular and rewarding dive sites on the planet.

Scuba diving in Malaysia presents you with a chance to unravel the mysteries of the kaleidoscopic marine world flourishing under its oceans. With two central diving regions, peninsular Malaysia and Borneo, it grants breathtaking diving sites thronged by diving enthusiasts worldwide.

Dig deeper into the untold secrets of this beautiful country to reveal the spots for the best diving spots in Malaysia.

With great shallow dive locations, it is a great idea to learn the best scuba diving in Malaysia if you’ve determined to take the plunge. Easily accessible shore dives with depths starting from 3 metres are comfortable for beginners.

The breathtaking biodiversity of aquatic flora and fauna and top diving sites ensure your diving in Malaysia experience will make you come back for more.

Sipadan Island, Sabah | For Coral Gardens

This gorgeous island holds the matchless spot for the best scuba diving in Malaysia, with its perfect diving conditions and an exceptional array of marine species to discover. Sipadan Island is an outstanding diving location with top sites like Barracuda Point, Coral Garden and the Hanging Garden.

It was overflowing with an incredible display of underwater life. Sipadan scuba diving in Malaysia allows you to witness turtles, reef sharks, grey sharks, as well as lots of leaf fishes, frogfishes and pygmy seahorses.

Best time to visit: March to October
Best time to dive: April to December

Islands Of Mabul & Kapalai, Sabah | Spot Macro Species

Mabul Island scuba diving in Malaysia allows you to experience one of the best spots for Muck Diving in the world. Macro species are abundant, too, and you will be amazed to discover rare species of Nudibranch, cuttlefish and the blue-ringed Octopus.

You can pick luxurious 5-star resorts or a budget backpacker lodge for your stay here. Kapalai Island, with its shallow diving spots, is a paradise for underwater photography and night diving.

Best time to visit: March to October
Best time to dive: July and August

Lankayan Island, Sabah | Scuba Diving Hub

After Sipadan, this probably offers the best diving in Malaysia. With about 30 dive sites close by, Lankayan provides the rare chance of enjoying beautiful corals, muck diving and easy wreck diving at the same destination.

Lankayan is the perfect getaway for a relaxing vacation spent traversing the underwater world and experiencing the lovely resort stay with just one luxury resort. The wreck diving spots around the island are swarming with vast schools of fish, as well as barracudas and trevallies.

Best time to visit: June and September
Best time to dive: June to September

Layang-Layang Island, Sabah | Rich Marine Life

With more than ten dive sites within 5-15 minutes of the speed boat ride, Layang Layang in Sabah is a fantastic choice for scuba diving in Malaysia. Untouched by human intervention, the corals and underwater world at this remote island are in pristine condition, making it one of the best dive sites in Malaysia.

With vast schools of pelagic fish, manta rays and even whale sharks, diving around Layang Layang is just fantastic. If you’re visiting the island from April to May, you can also spot the stunning hammerhead sharks that gather in the deep waters for mating.

Best time to visit: March to August
Best time to dive: March to August

Mataking Island, Sabah | For Diving Resorts

Both beginners and experienced divers will find Mataking Island diving hugely gratifying. The island also has stunning luxury resorts from where you can plan your dive trips. The divers can spot manta rays, eagle rays, grey reef sharks and substantial green turtles.

Mataking, along with Sibuan, is one of the best diving spots in Malaysia for muck diving as well, with chances of spotting rare critters. Do not miss the adventure of visiting the first underwater post office in the world through a wreck diving trip near Mataking. Apart from Mataking Island, Pom Island and Sibuan Island also offer similar scuba diving experiences.

Best time to visit: February to November
Best time to dive: March to October