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It’s your holiday, why drive when you can have a personal tour guide for the day? Sit back, relax and be chauffeured around the island by one of the locals.

The make and model of the vehicle will be based on availability

The package is for 8 hours, with the official end time at 8.00 pm

The package includes our Unlimited Mileage plan, within Langkawi

The package covers fuel, parking and toll costs, within Langkawi

Terms & Conditions

The driver will meet you at your preferred location at your selected pick up time

The official end time will be 8.00 pm, when the driver drops you off back at the hotel

Any extensions past 8.00 pm, will be solely on the driver’s discretion

The drive is limited to the island of Langkawi

All drivers are proficient in spoken Bahasa Melayu and English

The price displayed is inclusive of fuel, parking and tolls

Select pickup date & return date and pickup time.

Select pickup location and any additional preferences.

Total rental price will be displayed. Please note that rates differ according to high and low seasons.

Once payment is complete, you will receive the QR Code in your email instantly.

On the selected date & time, our operator will be at the selected location with your vehicle.

During vehicle collection, the hirer is required to check for any damage to the vehicles.

Be advised to check the spare tyre, tyre opener and tools of the vehicle.

Should any damage or missing part be found, please inform our staff immediately.

Any damage or missing part that is not reported earlier will be considered under the hirer responsibility.

All vehicles are fully insured with standard motor vehicle policy.

However the hirer is responsible not exceeding RM 2,000 (small & standard cars), RM 3,000 (standard cars & MPVs) and RM 5,000 (MPVs & vans).

All insurance and excess protection do not apply for damage or loss due to careless action, negligence, illegal or improper use of the vehicle.

The insurance and excess protection also does not cover tyre punctures, burst tyre, fuel errors, battery damage due to electrical devices left on and loss or damage to the vehicle accessories.

The accident or damage only applies for collision between two moving objects. Any damage while the vehicle is stationary will be under hirer’s full responsibility and subjected to the above excess and excess protection.

For damage which involves a third party, the hirer is required to get information from the third party driver which include the driver’s name, IC/Passport, driving licence and vehicle registration number.

If the claim cannot be made against third party insurance, all damage will be under hirer’s responsibility and subjected to the above excess and excess protection.

The hirer is reminded that underbody and overhead damage is at their own risk at all time. All insurance and excess protection is void if the vehicle is driven on unsealed and unmade road or surface.

The hirer is required to contact our representatives to inform us for any event of accident or car theft.

A police report should be made within 24 hours after the accident or from the time you’ve found out about the theft or loss. The police report should be obtained in writing.

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