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So what happens when you sign up as an affiliate on TripCarte Asia

You will earn up to 5% commissions with all sales made through your referrals, and there is no selling required. Just place the website link wherever you like and get notified when a transaction is made! 

Sounds simple right?

5% commision from referrals

With over 500 attractions and activities in Malaysia and the neighbouring ASEAN countries to choose from, this will surely excite your website guests. There is something for everyone to choose from. Pick anything from tours in the gorgeous Bali, Indonesia, to UNESCO world heritage sites in Langkawi and Melaka in Malaysia.

Over 500 attractions and activities

With TripCarte Asia, you will be assigned to a dedicated Account Manager. Our Account Manager will ensure that your sales grow while striving to provide the best of the best attractions and activities to your customers. 

Dedicated Account Manager

Need to be paid out early? You can use the Request Payout feature on TripCarte Asia to get your commissions settled into your bank account within 5 hours! Sounds like a dream, right?

Request Pay-Out

Now the steps to use. You may think it is not very easy, but it is easy as 1 2 3. Upon signing up, we will provide you with a link to link it to anything you want. Use the links on websites, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or share them through your WhatsApp groups.

Easy Integration

And the best part? Get real-time analytics and reports! View the sales performance and data at a glance. Log in to your dashboard and view the real-time transactions. Have the ability to see good performing products from other affiliates to provide you with better insights.

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

Sounds intriguing? Sign up with TripCarte Asia now as an affiliate and start earning!

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