Luxury Resort Getaways In Malaysia

We all need a little indulgence sometimes, no matter the price tag. It’s an investment that’ll benefit our future selves. So don’t skimp on luxury! Besides, nobody ever says no to a respite as a reward for toiling hard at work. As they say, work hard, play harder!

Lexis Hibiscus | Dubai-Styled Water Bungalows

It is not hard to find a paradise-like hideaway when you’re in Port Dickson. Despite its popularity, the resort is almost secluded from the crowds, so you’ll enjoy precious time privately in a villa.

Lexis Hibiscus’ aerial view forms a hibiscus and is designed to resemble Maldives’ bungalows. You’ll get to enjoy the pristine ocean view, and you can also relax in your very own private pool!

Pangkor Laut Resort | Luxury Resort On A Private Island

The Pangkor Laut Resort has accommodations located in various parts of the island – standing on stilts above the sea, beachfront, or nestled amongst the forests. Wherever the rooms are, there’s always a pool nearby or within the room itself. So expect to be in your swimming attire most of the time!

We prefer accommodation amid the forest,  where there’s privacy amongst the trees. But if you’re the wake-up-early-for-a-swim type, the stilted accommodation is surrounded by water – brave souls can dive out the window!

Tunamaya Resort | Resort In A Pristine Beach And Clear Waters

Nestled in the east coast of Pahang is the exotic Tioman, an island that Perhentian Island and Langkawi’s fame most often overshadow. Tioman’s calm atmosphere and lagoon make up for the lack of lavishing hotel amenities.

The best that this hideout has to offer is its spa with a view that constantly reminds you you’re on holiday. The refreshing oceanic scenery right outside the villa’s window isn’t just for show – it’s meant for snorkeling and diving!

Philea Resort & Spa | Cabin-Like Bungalows

Philea Resort and Spa is Melaka’s best-kept secret, meant for exhausted city dwellers. The secret gem comes at a reasonable price which is perfect for those impulsively looking for a getaway.

Philea Hotel’s cozy setting and antique architecture are accompanied by cabin-like terraces that resemble pine logs – it complements the natural environment that it is covered by! The resort also offers a fine dining experience within its vicinity to top your luxurious stay off.

Malihom | Resort Hidden Within The Quiet Forests

When your life gets too packed with work and yum cha-ing isn’t enough to dispel your tiredness, what you need is a secret hideaway. Malihom’s giant swimming pool overlooking Penang hill’s endless greenery has got to be a refreshing antidote. On top of that, breakfast is complimentary!

Experience adventure by participating in Malihom’s village foot trail or complete your relaxing day with traditional massage therapy. Or maybe indulge in spa therapy instead!

Vivanta By Taj, Rebak Island | Modern Indian-Styled Resort

Vivanta by Taj is a modern hotel chain that originated from India. Its elegant and royal ensemble is in sync with Rebak’s landscape, a privately owned island by the resort itself. As a secluded destination, you’ll feel lonely, with no one else to share the serene atmosphere other than who you came with – which is the best feeling of loneliness ever.

Vivanta by Taj allows you to laze around by the gorgeous Andaman Sea without any distractions, other than the thought of other facilities and activities you can enjoy. The hotel’s facilities are worthy enough for Indian royalty, which is how you’ll feel with their excellent room service.

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat | A Hot Springs Resort

As suggested by its name, the resort assimilates with Ipoh’s natural beauty, spacing its amenities amongst the caves, hot springs, and rainforest. There’s a crystal cave for hanging out and a separate meditation cave, a balcony dug from the hills, a cave meant for saunas and dipping pool hot springs. The facilities are unlike typical luxury hotels!

Visitors have all mentioned how the retreat looks empty when the amenities are out in the open, but low and behold. There’s a private pool inside some accommodations. Nonetheless, the Banjaran Hotspring Retreat is best for those who love the outdoors, with its Jungle Walk trail and guided trekking.

The Magellan Sutera |  Resort With A Harbour

Being a destination with one of the world’s top beaches, Sabah has resorts by the shores for a blissful retreat. The Magellan Sutera is one of them!

The interior design is extravagant, and its furniture screams comfort. It’s one of those resorts that aims to slow your life down with its luxury. Plus, Magellan Sutera is known for its traditional Balinese massage therapy. Ughh, the guilty pleasures keep piling up!

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