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Zoo Negara

Going to Zoo Negara is always an enjoyable time, especially when you can look at the variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes while catching up with your friends or family. Animal lovers, here’s what you should know about Zoo Negara.

G2G Animal Garden

It is not often city-dwellers get to absorb the rustic delights of the countryside by interacting with farm animals and nature. Luckily, there are places like G2G Animal Garden in the city. The Goat 2 Go Animal Garden, brings that faraway “kampung” experience to all animal lovers.

Genting SkyWay

See the picturesque landscape unfold aboard the Awana SkyWay, a gondola lift system serving Genting Highlands. You can leave your car at the Awana SkyCentral car park (adjoining Genting Highlands Premium Outlets) and board the Genting SkyWay cable car from Awana Station.

Aquaria KLCC

A world-class aquarium that showcases marine life and animals from all around the world. Be amazed with over 5,000 different exhibits of aquatic and land-bound sea creatures over a sprawling 60,000 square foot space right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s city centre.

Melala River Cruise

Experience Melaka’s rich and vibrant heritage’s focal point – Journey through the heart of the UNESCO heritage site giving you an exclusive riverscape view of the city. Best enjoyed in the evening, this river cruise promises a serene and captivating journey to the past.

Menara Taming Sari

The Menara Taming Sari (Taming Sari Tower) is a revolving gyro tower that offers a relaxing treat to those seeking a calm ride in Melaka. With its advanced Swiss technology, you can take yourself to new heights and soak in the view of Melaka.

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