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  • Free entrance for children under the height of 90 cm *except for Dino Gym 

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The Top Penang


  • The Top – Window of the Top Pass
    • Single Entry access to the Observatory Deck + Rainbow Skywalk
  • The Top – Fun Pass
    • Mutiple Entry access to Observatory Deck + Rainbow Skywalk & the Avenue of Adventures
    • Does NOT include access to Augmented Reality Virtual, The Gravityz, Formula One & TOP Capsule

Ever wonder what a bird’s eye view of Penang is like?

Rainbow Skywalk and Observatory Deck
The Rainbow Skywalk and Observatory Deck offer stunning seamless views of George Town and beyond. Located at George Town’s highest point, the open-air Rainbow Skywalk is at Level 68, on the rooftop of KOMTAR tower, offering visitors the thrilling experience of walking on air 816 feet above sea level. Meanwhile, the air-conditioned Observatory Deck at Level 65 also features a glass walkway that lets you watch the world go by below.

Avenue of Adventures – Activities

  • Jurassic Research Center

    Travel back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the Earth and uncover the mysteries of the planet’s prehistoric past. The Jurassic Research Center brings over 200 dinosaurs back to life (with the help of the latest animatronics technology) to create a hands-on interactive activity center of epic proportions. Meet and frolic with these creatures from millions of years ago! Find out how they used to roam the Earth! Discover the enthralling realm of dinosaurs first-hand! Jurassic Research Center takes you through a truly education journey for both kids and adults where they can experience the life size dinosaurs in their habitat. Come see the lost world that was once alive million years ago through the eye of science!
  • 7D Discover Motion Theater

    Our 7D Discovery Motion Theater takes you on an intensive, all-encompassing visual journey! 7D Dome brings you the latest technology in virtual reality and simulators to create new dimensions and perspectives so that instead of just watching a movie, you are actually a part of it! Definitely a not-to-be-missed experience for the entire family!
  • Tech Dome
    Tech-Dome Penang is sited in the Geodesic Dome of KOMTAR right in the heart of George Town. It houses over 120 interactive science and technology exhibits spread across 40,000 sqft of floor space. Its galleries on Information Technology, Life Tech, Robotics, Optics, Electro-Magnetism, Forces and Motion, Children’s Exploration Zone, Penang Transformation Story, and an astronomy observatory are put together to provide an immersive and experiential presentation on the marvels of science and technology. We do this to inspire future generations.
  • Ocean Explorer
    More than 70% of our planet consists of water. But how many of us get the opportunity to explore the beauty and mysteries of the deep blue seas first-hand? Ocean Explorer brings the ocean to you with high-resolution surrounding projectors that create a seamless and almost-reality show of the underwater realm. Immerse your senses in the aquatic marvels! Explore pristine coral reefs in a virtual submarine and meet marine life such as sharks, whales and dolphins – without getting drenched! Designed using cutting-edge technology, this attraction promises to deliver an experience on par with the real deal – perfect for audiences of all ages!
  • Boutique Aquarium

    Get up close and personal with marine flora and fauna as you go on a journey of discovery at Penang Boutique Aquarium! Home to a myriad of marine life, it promises to offer a wealth of amazement and knowledge for all ages. Learn more about the underwater world and find out how we can all help to conserve and protect our aquatic friends and their homes here.
  • Dino Gym
    Let your kids loose in this dinosaur-inspired gym for the little ones where they can exercise – both their bodies and minds – and have lots of fun along the way! Go ahead: climb, run, jump, slide, swing, race… and do it all over again! From hanging bridges, swing sets and rock walls that enhance balance, motor skills and strength to playhouses that inspire the imagination, the equipment here is specially designed to stimulate your child’s development in a fun manner! Dino Gym also organizes the most amazing and fun-filled birthday parties for your little ones! Please note: Children under 90 cm also require a ticket to enter this activity.
  • Jelly Bump
    Get ready to bump, bash, twist and turn with the best of them – in action-packed bumper cars! Here, driving like a crazed maniac is a plus point as you set the rules and race your way around! Fun times for the whole family!
  • Musical Carousel
    Be lost in a whirlwind of lights, colors, intricate details and an array of playful ponies in our Musical Carousel. This whimsical ride might just evoke that inner child of yours, a wondrous experience for both children and those young at heart! The Musical Carousel is tops for family fun, enlighten your day with the amazing rides of the beautiful carousel and be charmed by the great music and carnival atmosphere. You and your children can also enjoy the ride from a chariot alongside the ponies.
  • Magic Mirror Maze
    It plays tricks on your mind. Venture into this thrilling mirror maze and get ready for a magical journey that promises to puzzle, astound and surprise! From unexpected nooks and crannies to deceiving dead ends and endless circles – laugh your way out and be proclaimed a Maze Master! See infinite reflections of yourself in every direction! Encounter surprising corners, dead ends, and continuous circles!
  • Penang State Gallery
    Looking to immerse yourself in the local culture? Well, look no further than the Penang State Gallery. Here, you will be able to discover Penang’s rich history in a jiffy and purchase all sorts of memorabilia to commemorate your visit. Also, if you’re looking to track down more delicious local cuisine or sights to see, you’re sure to find everything you need to know here!
  • Durian – The King of Fruits
    Find out why the durian is the indisputable king of fruits in Southeast Asia at this center that showcases everything you need to know about the fruit – from its history to its growing process. There are plenty of fun and interesting activities to try and durian-related products to take home! Get up close and personal with all the different members of this thorny, pungent-smelling fruit and taste it in its various forms… if you dare!
  • Tongkat Ali King
    Come pay homage to the Tongkat Ali, a famed Orang Asli medicinal herb from the rainforests of Malaysia that is credited to possessing a myriad of health benefits, including energy boosting, hormone balancing and aphrodisiac properties! This extensive museum dedicated to the remarkable plant lets you get acquainted with its history, growing process, and benefits that have helped humankind for centuries. Don’t forget to sample a taste of its herbal goodness before you leave!
  • Zombie Outbreak
    The dead have risen, and they’re hungry. The walking dead are out to feast on humans and you are their target. Take them on by adventuring into their world at Zombie Outbreak.
  • Dance OKI
    Unleash your inner party animal by dancing your way to the upbeat tunes of “Dance Oki”. With the State-of-the-art electronic dance floor, complete all dance levels and emerge champion in the dance leaderboard. Flaunt your dancing skills by taking your friends to different levels of dance challenges.

Take Note

  • The Top – Fun Pass allows multiple entries on a same-day visit to all eligible attractions in the Avenue of Adventures and Rainbow Skywalk at The Top Penang
  • The Top – Fun Pass does NOT include access to Augmented Reality Virtual, The Gravityz, Formula One & TOP Capsule
  • Children under 90 cm also require a ticket to enter the Dino Gym activity


  • Avenue of Adventures
    • 11:00 am – 8:00 pm | Monday to Friday
    • 11:00 am – 9:00 pm | Saturday & Sunday
  • Rainbow Skywalk
    • 11:00 am – 10:00 pm | Sunday to Thursday
    • 11:00 am – 11:00 pm | Friday & Saturday
  • Tech Dome
    • 10:00 am – 6:00 pm | Daily
  • Last admission: 1 hour before closing time
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