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  • Access to Animation Square Zone
  • Access to Blast Off Zone
  • Access to Fantasy Forest Zone
  • Access to Lakeside Zone
  • Access to Live Action Zone

Asia’s First Animation Theme Park built in Ipoh, Perak, Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) is set to be the most exciting dream destination for everyone, With over 40 attractions in 6 thematic zones, it’s time to plan your dream holiday now!

Poised as Asia’s First Animation Theme Park built at the cost of RM 520 million in Ipoh, Perak, Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) is set to be the most exciting dream destination for everyone! With over 40 attractions in 6 thematic zones, it’s time to plan your dream holiday now!

MAPS Emporium

It’s every child’s dream come true. A richly stacked emporium stuffed to the brim with merchandises from The Smurfs, Boboiboy and more. Step in and fill that trolley with exclusive toys, bags, footwear, gadgets that can be found nowhere else in the country!


Be introduced to the daredevil’s version of a playground swing. The hyper-intense Hyperspin will leave you giddy with excitement. Swing out into the sky on suspended chairs at tremendous speed as each rotation flings you out further and further. Intensify your playround memories on this whirlwind of heart-pounding fun.

Tok Aba Kokotiam

Tired from the all the fun? Take a break before getting right back into it again at the home of Malaysia’s favourite cartoon character, BoBoiBoy. Grab a chair at the Alfresco dining area and get a taste of Malaysia’s vibrant cuisine and feast on local dishes and snacks.

Stunt Legend Arena

Speed over to the Stunt Legend Arena where the scent of burning rubber clues you in for a legendary car and motorcycle stunt show. Get your engines ready for some thrilling tricks and spectacular action with high-speed chases, high-risk stunts and high-octane drifts that will leave you pumped for more!

Asteroid Attack

Get flung into space on this wild asteroid attack that doesn’t hold back on the throttle. Experience gravity-defying tricks on a cosmic journey as your spacecraft swings up with great G-force, leaving you upside down and dangling in space only to plummet back down with immense momentum. With altitude to match your attitude, the Asteroid Attack is a space voyage only for those seeking infinite thrills and beyond.

Monkey Business Toys & Candy Shop

Have a swinging good time at the Monkey Business Toys & Candy Shop. Go ga-ga as you load up on a trunkful of fantastic and fun toys before you satisfy your sweet tooth with an overload of colourful and exciting candy.

Space Face

Calling all budding and aspiring superheroes, now you too can be a Superhero! Suit up at the Space Face store and get super. Get your face painted like your favourite superhero and get tatted up with temporary body tattoos and henna. Don’t leave without creating your own signature Superhero accessory at the Jewellery Customisation Section.

BoBoiBoy 4D Adventure Theatre

Don’t just watch BoBoiBoy’s adventures, experience them with all your senses!Pack a new dimension to your cinematic experience with our 4D cinema. Step into our theatre, that’s fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, for an action-packed movie as BoBoiBoy tackles the stormy ocean to make it to the Floating Island.

Feel your seats sway with the oceanic gales and the sea spray on your face as you sail through turbulent waves with Malaysia’s favourite TV character.

BoBoiBoy Hero Academy

Discover the true superhero within you at the BoBoiBoy Hero Academy. Travel through the MAPS portal and learn new Superpowers from Captain Papa Zola. Unearth your hidden superb talents and use that to help power BoBoiBoy’s newest project!

Center Stage

The stage is set for a fantastic time at the Centre Stage where BoBoiBoy and friends will be putting on a fantastic performance. Get in on the action and groove on with the BBoys and pick up a trick or two at the BBoy workshop. Not quite the break dancer? Strike a pose with the cheerleading squad at the cheer workshop. Don’t forget to take a photo before you leave!

Character Appearance

Have your smile and camera ready at all times because you never know when you’re going to bump into one of your favourite characters. BoBoiBoy, Mr.Peabody & Sherman and The Smurfs will be roaming all around the park so don’t be shy!

La Cremeria Café

Everyone’s screaming over the first La Cremeria Ice-Cream Café in the world! Treat your tastebuds to indulgent creamy delights. In a cup or on a stick, there’s plenty of scrumptious flavours that will have the entire family screaming with joy.

The Smurfs Theatre

Behold Papa Smurf’s Rainbow Spell, an interactive animated show with fantastic effects, at the Smurf Theatre. Take a visit to Papa Smurf’s laboratory and help him cast his magical spells. But look out for Gargamel’s cat, Azrael, who’s always on the prowl to catch and ferret out the Smurfs for his maleficent master. Defeat the slinky feline to get the Smurf family rejoicing in a Smurfy sing-a-long that you can join in too!

The Smurfs Partyland

The Smurfs playground and Smurfs car ride for your little ones!

The Smurfs Clubhouse ‘Meet & Greet’

You’ll be seeing blue but not feeling blue at the Smurf’s Clubhouse! Get the chance to meet Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy and the entire Smurf family in real life at Studio Walk. Visit them in their mushroom houses and be ready for a lot of Smurfs with a lot of different attitudes.

The Adventurers Bumper Blast

Ready, set and smash! Strap yourself in and be ready for a banging good time on our action-filled bumper cars. Make full use of your 5 full minutes to out-manoeuvre, out-drive and out-bump everyone else and drive them up the wall.

Space X-Plorers

The newest innovation in thrill rides to hit Malaysia is a jumbo-sized serving of excitement. And it’s time for a healthy helping of thrills. Step onto a powerful space disk and be strapped onto motorcycle-like seats that face outwards. Look out onto intense panoramic views as you defy astrological forces and feel the rush as your spacecraft spins and rocks unexpectedly.

Coral Kingdom

Dive into a magnificent playworld of Coral Kingdom. Let the children frolic in the reefs with sea critters and new sea-faring friends as you unwind in the reeds. Duck out from the hot weather and watch the children dip, leap, and plunge as you chill out in the cool air-conditioned sea breeze.

Upside Down Pyramid

Discover and solve the mystery of this gravity-defying masterpiece!

Zugo’s Crystal Quest

Have infinite fun on this looping figure-8 roller coaster. Venture out onto a quest for valuable crystals at Zugo’s Crystal Quest. Speed along in loops that bring you faster and faster along swift curves and plunging dips on this ride that’s perfect for dare-devils in training.

Cave Of Wonders

The prehistoric world comes to life in the current century at the Cave of Wonders. Enter an enchanted cave and wonder as you explore the amazing world of ancient civilisation through your cave walk. Decipher their inscribed hieroglyphic messages and marvel at the archaic tools that inspired today’s gadgets before you emerge right back into the present and all the fun.

Coliseum Water Play

Looking to make a splash? Cool off under the watchful eyes of the ancient Roman statues at the Coliseum Water Garden. Let little adventurers battle water fountains and dodge surprise sprinklers. It’s fun in the sun, but frolicking through fountains makes for a splashing good time.

Fantasy Carousel

Tour around the majestic animal kingdom on a fantastical merry-go-round. Fantastic beasts and forest animals herd together in circles on this magical carousel. Choose your favourite and take a galloping ride through the mystical forest that holds friendly creatures within.

Red Baron

Get ready for take-off! Give your little explorers wings as they take flight and pilot their very own aeroplane on the Red Baron. They’ll be high with excitement as they manoeuvre through air traffic and soar in the sky on this exciting ride. Inspire the next generation of pilots and aero-engineers and make their flight of fancy come true!

The Adventurers HQ Tree House

Deep within the enchanted forest lies an alluring and magical place – the Fantasy Forest Treehouse. This bewitching abode is where the forest fairies call home. For those who manage to brave through the Fantasy Forest, you’ll be rewarded with a personal tour around their home. Browse through their library that’s stacked with books of a magical nature and pick up a spell or two.


  • 10:00 am – 6:00 pm | Closed every Wednesday * Except Malaysia Public & School Holidays
  • 10:00 am – 10:00 pm | Saturday, Sunday and school & public holidays
  • Last admission: 1 hour before closing time
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