Lost World of Tambun

Things To Do In Malaysia

Each state in Malaysia is famous for various reasons.  For instance, many know that Penang is the country’s street food center. KL is a world-class shopping paradise. Melaka is a historian’s love. Nevertheless, apart from the usual tourist places, each state also has beautiful attractions. And some things to do that you may not have heard

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Things To Do With Kids

Too busy with packed schedules? You don’t have time for your kids? Let us introduce you to some places! With Tripcarte Asia planning the weekends are more hassle-free! Bring your kids to these exciting places. All you need to do is find the best time and explore these top places where your kids are eventually going to love it. Sunway

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Theme Park Bucket List

Many people think that Malaysia ONLY has beautiful islands, white sandy beaches, national parks and historic sites. But, do you know that Malaysia is also home to some of the world’s most amazing theme parks? Malaysia has come up with the perfect adrenaline rush then kids can spend some theme parks in Malaysia. From North of Malaysia

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The Lost World of Tambun | Perak

Taman tema Lost World Of Tambun ini merupakan taman tema semula jadi terbesar di Malaysia yang terletak di kawasan Tambun, Perak dan dikelilingi oleh kawasan batu kapur. Dikendalikan oleh Sunway Group, taman tema seluas  40 ekar ini menempatkan sehingga 10 taman dengan sehingga 64 tarikan buat pengunjung yang hadir. Sentiasa dipenuhi oleh pengunjung terutama pada

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Tempat Menarik Untuk Cuti Sekolah

Cuti sekolah hampir tiba. Inilah masanya untuk ibu bapa meluangkan masa lebih buat anak-anak mereka. Buat kanak-kanak, cuti sekolah inilah waktu yang ditunggu kerana tidak perlu bangun pagi untuk ke sekolah. Untuk ibu bapa bila dengar cuti sekolah sahaja mesti dah pening kepala mencari idea untuk bawa keluarga bercuti. Jangan risau, di sini terdapat senarai

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Why You Should Visit The Lost World Of Tambun Theme Park | Perak

A little world with many big adventures, Sunway Lost World of Tambun is Malaysia’s premiere action and adventure family holiday destination in Ipoh, Malaysia. A theme park located in the historic town of Ipoh, in the middle of the North-South corridor in Perak it is surrounded by exquisitely breath-taking limestone features. Whether it’s a weekend of mayhem oozing with

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