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Popular Things to Do in Malaysia | Part 2

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia offers various captivating and exciting places. Despite having a relatively small area, this country has diverse holiday destinations, including museums, religious sites, theme parks, landmarks, enchanting islands, and other tourist attractions. Check out some of the many of the destinations in Malaysia that you should visit. Penang War Museum | […]

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Things To Do In Malaysia

Each state in Malaysia is famous for various reasons.  For instance, many know that Penang is the country’s street food center. KL is a world-class shopping paradise. Melaka is a historian’s love. Nevertheless, apart from the usual tourist places, each state also has beautiful attractions. And some things to do that you may not have heard

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The Nature Bucket List

Ask someone what they should do in Malaysia and where they should go, and Malaysians will give you a list of food places. There’s Malacca for chicken rice balls and Kajang for satay. Oh, and you can get nasi lemak and roti canai nationwide. But there’s actually another side to must-visit places in Malaysia besides

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Tempat Menarik Untuk Cuti Sekolah

Cuti sekolah hampir tiba. Inilah masanya untuk ibu bapa meluangkan masa lebih buat anak-anak mereka. Buat kanak-kanak, cuti sekolah inilah waktu yang ditunggu kerana tidak perlu bangun pagi untuk ke sekolah. Untuk ibu bapa bila dengar cuti sekolah sahaja mesti dah pening kepala mencari idea untuk bawa keluarga bercuti. Jangan risau, di sini terdapat senarai

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Unique Things To Do In Malaysia

Malaysia is a diverse country in terms of culture, lifestyle, and entertainment. Long known as a land blessed with natural resources and as a rapidly developing nation, Malaysia offers a surreal blend of tradition and modernity. Hordes of foreign travellers throng the Southeast Asian nation regularly, particular to tourist hotspots like Penang and Malacca. But

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Things To Do In Johor

Johor is Malaysia’s most populous state and a growing economic power player. Most itineraries skip it, but those who stray into the southern gateway to Malaysia will be rewarded with the blissful solitude of its postcard-perfect islands and wild jungles. And while getting access to a taste of authentic Malaysian culture and character not easily

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