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3 days in Langkawi is the perfect amount of time you need to enjoy the views and delights of Malaysia’s most beloved island getaway.

Found off the northwestern coast of Malaysia, Langkawi is closer to the Thai islands than it is to the mainland. The beautiful scenery here is more aesthetic of a tropical island than anywhere else you might find in the country. With impressive limestone karsts and magnificent white sand beaches, it is unlike most other destinations in Malaysia.

It is a small island. Hence 3 days In Langkawi is enough to see all the best sights and enjoy the best beaches and waterfalls. But the chilled out holiday vibe mixed with the incredible surroundings and friendly Malay culture might make you extend your three day trip to Langkawi for much longer.

Here is a comprehensive 3 Days in Langkawi plan that will help you explore the best that Malaysia’s famous vacation island!

Langkawi Itinerary: Day 1

Kuah and Langkawi Eagle Square

Start your journey in Langkawi by exploring the island’s central ‘city’, Kuah. Although hardly a city by most standards, it is still the most populated place on the island. It is also the best place to start to get your Langkawi adventures and know what Langkawi is all about.

Langkawi Eagle Square

Once you have seen the large shopping malls and shops at the busy ferry terminal here, you will quickly realise that Langkawi is a duty-free holiday island. Everything here is much cheaper than in mainland Malaysia. So this is the perfect place to be if you like the odd drink.

More than just shopping, though, Kuah is the often overlooked heart of the island. Most tourists skip on through to reach the beaches. But this is where the locals live and where you will find some of the island’s best local restaurants. Visit the enormous eagle statue that looks over the beautiful bay. Then walk around the lovely shorefront gardens and promenade before settling down for lunch outside one of the many restaurants centred around the ferry port.

Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah

Once you have got a feel for Kuah, next on the Langkawi travel itinerary is a trip to Pantai Cenang. This is the longest and most popular beach on the island. While Kuah might be the centre for locals, Cenang beach is the hub for tourists. Many of the best hotels are found here, as are some of Langkawi’s best bars.

Despite being the busiest beach on the island, you will soon find that Langkawi can be incredibly quiet and clean. If you find yourself in a busy spot, mainly when the sun goes down – the beach is long enough to find a peaceful area.

Pantai Cenang

If it is too busy, then just a short taxi ride away, or a long walk, is Pantai Tengah, a stretch of equally beautiful sand in a much quieter and much less developed location. Spend the late afternoon on the sands here and watch the glorious sunset over the ocean when the sky turns a fiery, tropical blend of reds and purples.

Head back to Pantai Cenang and enjoy dinner and evening drinks at one of the many restaurants or bars along the beachfront. It is the perfect place to spend your first evening in Langkawi.

Langkawi Itinerary: Day 2

Langkawi Sky Bridge

Start the day nice and early and visit the Langkawi Sky Bridge before the crowds arrive. This spectacular feat of engineering allows visitors to quite literally walk between the mountains. After a long cable car ride, you will arrive at an extended viewing platform that extends out from the summit of Langkawi’s second tallest peak. At a dizzying height of 700 metres, the dense jungle canopy is visible far below, while the panoramic views are unparalleled. The Thai islands are evident to the north, while the stunning mountains on the northern coastline of Langkawi can be seen in all their green and rugged glory.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

Ride the cable car back down to the base of the peak, enjoy a few local Malay-style street food snacks at the many stalls found by the entrance, and then head off to spend the rest of the day Chasing Waterfalls.

Chasing Waterfalls

Although Langkawi is best known as a beach holiday destination, make sure to include the glorious waterfalls on your Langkawi itinerary. The interior’s mountainous terrain and green jungle lend themselves to producing the ideal conditions needed for some genuinely epic waterfalls.

One of the best things to do in Langkawi is to visit the best waterfall of them all, the staggeringly high Seven Wells, located just around the corner from the Sky Bridge. You may have seen it on the cable car ride up to the peak, far below in the trees.

Chasing Waterfalls

There are two main viewing areas for Seven Wells. A steep but short hike takes you from the car park to the top of the waterfall, where you can stand in a small viewing area and watch the water plummet beneath you. The waterfall takes its name from the seven natural swimming pools, which are found at the top here, and in the midday heat, the cold water will be compelling. The smooth rock has formed natural slides, but do not worry. Although it looks perilously close to the waterfall’s edge, the rocks form a natural barrier to add to the artificial one.

From Seven Wells, head further to the north of Langkawi to visit the other spectacular waterfalls on this beautiful island. Some favourites are the wild and remote Temurun Waterfall and the more friendly Durian Perangin Waterfall.

Langkawi Itinerary: Day 3

Island Hopping

To see the best of Langkawi, on day 3, it is time to hit the water and to join an island-hopping trip. Langkawi is made up of 99 different islands, most of which are isolated.

Island Hopping

There are endless itinerary options here, but spend the morning out on the boat before it gets too hot, and ensure you visit Pulau Dayang Bunting, where there is a vast freshwater lake you can swim in.

Around the islands, there are hundreds of eagles – the symbol of Langkawi – to be seen, and they are usually spotted feeding in secluded bays.

Kilim Geoforest Park

End your three days in Langkawi with an up-close and spectacular tour of those towering limestone cliffs. Head down the road from Tanjung Rhu to the Kilim Geoforest Park found on the island’s northeast side.

Kilim Geoforest Park

Walk the mangrove boardwalks. Then take a boat tour along the winding rivers that curl in and out of the trees under the shadow of the limestone karsts. This protected area is one of the most beautiful in Langkawi. It is an incredible natural spectacle to finish your trip on!

And there you have it! You perfect 3 days in Langkawi itenary. 

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