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Ipoh nightlife has always been a topic pondered by many. While the stunning city offers many places to visit during the day, there are also many exciting things to do when the sun goes down in Ipoh.

Eat Authentic Ipoh Food

Since Ipoh is known as the food haven of Malaysia, the number one best Ipoh nightlife activity on the list is eating food. There are certain hawker stalls and restaurants which only opens when the sun sets in Ipoh. You may choose from local Ipoh food to western cuisines.

Tong Sui Kai Hawker Street

For local food, head down to the Tong Sui Kai hawker street. Tong Sui Kai means “Dessert Street” in Cantonese. The road comprises a stretch of food stalls selling desserts and other meals. Famous food to try here includes mixed fruits ABC, rojak, noodles and many more.

Tong Sui Kai

Ipoh Chicken Rice

Ipoh’s bean sprouts chicken rice is a must-try dish when you visit Ipoh. You may try it at Lou Wong Chicken Rice Restaurant or Ong Kee Bean Sprouts Chicken Restaurant as these are the two best restaurants for Ipoh chicken rice.

Ipoh Chicken Rice

Heritage Buildings At Night

The British had a significant influence on the city back in the colonial days. Ipoh has preserved its colonial charm. Some of these buildings are more beautiful at night under its lights.

A few buildings worth visiting at night include:

Dewan Bandaran Ipoh (Ipoh Town Hall)

Bulatan Amanjaya | Meru Raya Park

Slightly further away from the Ipoh town in Meru Raya Park (formerly known as Bulatan Amanjaya). Meru Raya Park is an enormous roundabout in Ipoh. The vast space on this roundabout has been used for several activities such as jogging, stage events, kids playground, and cycling.

Meru Raya Park

There are also bicycle rides (2 – 4 person bicycles) and food stalls surrounding the place. On the weekends, you may see many people gathering to hang out at this park.

Visit the Night Market

Night markets can be found in many places around Ipoh, being it in the city and residential areas.

Gerbang Malam

Gerbang Malam is one of the top night markets located in Ipoh’s city centre. Started in 2003, this night market has been in operation every single night. There are varieties of stalls selling goods such as clothing, belts, shoes, makeup items, children toys and many more. Besides the market, there are also several famous eateries nearby.

Night Park & Hot Springs

Lost World of Tambun theme park offers tons of night activities such as Luminous ForestFlaming Percussion show, Tarantula Alley and night petting zoo. There are also natural hot springs and spas to be experienced at night. Lost World of Tambun will be a perfect Ipoh nightlife experience if you travel with your kids.

Common Questions About Ipoh Nightlife

Is it safe to go around Ipoh at night?

Going around Ipoh at night is generally safe. Although there are cases of snatch thefts, just as found in many countries, Ipoh is usually quiet at late nights. Just keep your valuables and belongings close to you at all times, and you’ll be just fine.

Will it rain in Ipoh at night?

It depends. As you know, Malaysia is a tropical country where it might rain a lot during the monsoon season, which is between mid-October and the end of March.