Things To Do In Port Dickson | Negeri Sembilan

Port Dickson, or PD for short, is best known for its beaches, one of the closest beach resorts to Kuala Lumpur.

However, these days, there is more to do in Port Dickson than just lazing on the beach, and there are plenty of fun places to take the family, whatever the weather.

Port Dickson Beaches

More than a dozen beaches in the Port Dickson area spread over an 18km stretch of coastline. Some are better than others in terms of water cleanliness and the quality of sand. 

Port Dickson Army Museum

This is one of Malaysia’s best museums and a great place to take the family to learn a little of the country’s military history and view some of Malaysia’s weaponry. 

PD Ostrich Showfarm

Here you can pet an ostrich and even ride one if you are brave enough. There is plenty of other farmyard and domestic animals to see and lots of activities to entertain the whole family.

Cape Rachado / Tanjung Tuan

This headland at the southern end of Port Dickson’s beaches comprises a 75-hectare forest reserve popular with bird watchers. There is also a historic lighthouse with spectacular views of the Straits of Malacca and a couple of small isolated but scenic beaches. 

Alive 3D Art Gallery

Port Dickson seems to have gone overboard with 3D art galleries and upside-down houses. There are two of each on this list, and Alive 3D Art Gallery is the more highly rated interactive gallery for trompe l’oeil (optical illusion) paintings themed into five zones.

Wild West Cowboy Indoor Theme Park

Run by the same company as Alive 3D, the Wildest Cowboy theme park contains some rides for young kids, a Skunk interactive show, 5D, 7D motion adventures, arcade games, funfair games, and an Awake escape room game.

Pusat Ikan Hiasan

This place, which translates as Ornamental Fish Centre, is definitely one of the top Port Dickson attractions. The Department of Fisheries runs it, and its numerous spotlessly clean aquariums and tanks contain baby turtles, living coral, and all kinds of colorful tropical fish and sea creatures. And it’s free!

Yun Loong Temple

This Chinese temple is surrounded by a crenellated wall in the style of the Great Wall of China. It appears to be a popular place for obtaining lucky numbers for lotto. 

Rumah Terbalik Upside Down Art Gallery

Unlike the Rumah Terbalik in Tamparuli, Sabah, which looks like an upside-down house from the outside, this one in Port Dickson is in a regular modern shophouse, and only the indoor exhibits are upside down. But it seems a popular place to take those funny selfies.

PD Dream World Upside Down & 3D

This is another 3D illusion gallery together with some upside-down rooms. I didn’t go inside, but most people who have seem to enjoy it. However, I noticed three signs in the ticket counter window saying no refunds, suggesting some customers have asked for their money back.

Extreme Park Port Dickson

This place has go-karts, paint ball target shooting, archery target shooting, and all terrain vehicle (ATV) riding.

Dickson Dragon Boat Tours

Dickson Dragon runs daytime and sunset dinner cruises at weekends and on public holidays from Port Dickson World Marina Bay on their trimaran yacht. Private charters are also available.

Telok Kemang Observatory

Tucked away on a headland behind the Klana Beach Resort hotel is the Telok Kemang Observatory, where visitors can come at night to gaze at the stars, weather conditions permitting.

Lukut Museum & Fort Lukut

Here you can wander among the hilltop remains of a 19th century fort and browse the exhibits in the museum where artefacts unearthed at the ruined fort are displayed.

Pulau Babi

For something completely different you can get a tiny island all to yourself if you are willing to brave a walk on a rickety bridge and clamber down onto the sand.

Old Port Dickson Railway Station

For those interested in railways, the former Port Dickson railway station on the PD to Seremban line (now closed) is still standing. It is possibly the oldest surviving railway station in Malaysia

Sungai Menyala Edu-Ecotourism Centre

This is a forest reserve near Port Dickson with a network of trails where nature lovers can experience rainforest conditions and see a 45-meter high Jelutong tree, thought to be the tallest in Negeri Sembilan.