Incredible Places in Malaysia To Discover With Your Best Friend

Most people would agree that vacation and best friends are the ingredients to a successful holiday – experiencing fun times together and creating new memories together to laugh about later. After all, who’s going to be willing enough to help you take your “candid” Instagram shots, right?

Here we have compiled a list of places in Malaysia perfect for you and your best friend to embark together on your most epic adventure!

Time Capsule Retreat | Pahang

Staycations are a hit with people these days, and what better way to be a part of the cool kids than to have your BFF staycation at the remote Time Capsule Retreat in Pahang? Made out of concrete cylinders, this unique way of living promotes minimalism and allows you to experience nature in a different light.

Taman Negara | Pahang

Approximately 240km away from KL (that’s a 3-hour drive), you and your buddy can find yourself wandering through Taman Negara, Malaysia’s National Park, for an escape into our lush forests and enjoying activities that aren’t shopping or cafe hopping.

You both can choose from several adventurous activities such as canopy walk, night jungle trekking, rapid shooting and even tapir watching to add that extra spice to your friendship!

Pulau Rawa | Johor

Sun, sand and sea is always a good choice for a buddy getaway. Off the coast of Johor, Pulau Rawa is a little known island in Malaysia that still preserves its tranquillity with pristine white sand and untouched coral reefs. Kick back and relax together in one of their adorable white chalets and hang out by a hammock for a much needed holiday.

Bako National Park | Sarawak

Embark on a journey together to one of Malaysia’s older national park in Sarawak and witness for yourself the tranquillity of pristine waters and eroded cliffs.

Truly nature’s work of art, Bako National Park is a wonderland of Malaysia’s most treasured plant and wildlife, from carnivorous pitcher plants to long-tailed macaques – an experience only found when you extract yourself from mundane city life!

Sekinchan | Selangor

Doesn’t this remind you of the default Windows XP wallpaper? Just about an hour’s drive away from Kuala Lumpur, Sekinchan is a small, cosy fishing and farming village boasting of its picturesque landscape. Capturing the sunset against the vast paddy fields and fishing villages is one of the many reasons why people also call this town a “photographer’s haven”. Yup that means Insta-opportunities for you and your best friend!

Pulau Jerejak | Penang

Previously known as the Alcatraz of Malaysia, Pulau Jerejak is a one of a kind island holiday rich in history. Masked by its beauty and idyllic scenery, Pulau Jerejak has a dark past of being a leper asylum, and a penal colony – only the unwanted were castaway into this island.

Still, don’t let these dark tales deter you from the beauty of the islands. You can even go ghost hunting with your BFF if you dare!

Sipadan | Sabah

Are you looking for some driving action with your best bud? Sipadan would be the best choice! Divers worldwide have voted it as one of the top five dive sites globally as this entire ecosystem houses more than 3000 species of fish and hundreds of coral species.

A 25-minute walk is all that is needed to circle the island on foot, but the vast amount of diverse marine life it attracts from the vastness of the open sea is mindblowing.

Desa Dairy Farm | Kundasang, Sabah

Referred as the ‘New Zealand of Sabah’ by some locals, this dairy farm offers one of the most spectacular sceneries found in Malaysia. The natural attraction here is the 199 hectares cattle farm surrounded by white fences – perfect for any photo opportunities. Nobody will believe you are so close to home!

This is an ideal destination for both of you to engage in fun activities such as feeding calves and goats and learning about how milk is processed. Educational, picturesque and unique all in one place!

Belum Rainforest Reserve | Perak

Going places with your best friend is always best done Indiana Jones style, and Belum Rainforest Reserve provides you with an experience reminiscent of that.

For nature lovers, Belum Rainforest Reserve offers a wealth of flora and fauna that are mostly untouched and undiscovered by most. Doesn’t it just look dreamy and straight out of an Elven tale?

Putrajaya | Kuala Lumpur

Most of you are probably wondering why Putrajaya, Malaysia’s federal administrative centre is a place to visit with your BFF. Here’s a heads up: Putrajaya is home to some of Malaysia’s most Insta-worthy and modern bridges as well as tons of fun outdoor activities such as flyboarding, rock climbing, kayaking and cycling at the Wetlands Park. Plus, it is only a short drive from KL – perfect for a day trip or a weekend escape!

Malaysia may be a small peninsula in Southeast Asia, but our little country has many wonders – both artificial and natural – waiting to be discovered. So, grab your best friend and start collecting experiences together!

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