Visit These Surreal Places In Malaysia

Sometimes, the hidden gems and lesser-known hotspots are the paths you should explore. Here are some scenic places in Malaysia which are surreal and beautiful.

Kapas Island | Terengganu

Instead of famous islands like Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian, you should grab a ticket and head over to Pulau Kapas as this place is pretty secluded and peaceful, so you get to enjoy your snorkeling in peace.

As the water is clear, you will be able to spot marine life easily. Not only that, you will be having a great time strolling on the beach without bumping into anyone. It’s almost as if you own the beach itself. Besides that, Kapas Island is also known for beach camping, so bring your buddies and have a good time here.

Mossy Forest | Cameron Highlands

Every time we head over to Cameron Highlands, we tend to try their fragrant teas and walk around the tea fields or have a tasty breakfast at some of the inns nearby. Besides that, most of us would depart back to our homes.

Alternatively, there’s the mossy forest at Bukit Brinchang. This place looks like another world as the green moss covers every inch and corner of the area, and it gives off a mystical vibe which is great for walks.

Balik Pulau | Penang

Balik Pulau is a secret garden and a hidden gem of Penang, as this place seems to be unexplored by many. The site consists of old wooden houses that are centuries old.

There is also a dairy goat farm where you guys can milk or feed cows. Alternatively, visit the stable horse countryside where you get to see horses roaming around.

Pulau Ketam | Selangor

Pulau Ketam is accessible from using the jetty at Port Klang, and it is only an hour journey. This fisherman village welcomes tourists and explorers to learn more about the culture and taste the delicious seafood.

Not only that, you can explore every inch and corner of this friendly neighborhood. If you are about to stay on the island, you should enjoy yourself some shaved ice at the dock and stargaze during the night as well.

Sasaran | Kuala Selangor

Hiking enthusiasts and waterfall lovers would flock to the Kuala Selangor area and would go there for food.

A new hotspot rising in popularity is Sasaran, Kuala Selangor, where the beach itself is famous for being like a reflective surface that looks almost as if you’re walking on water!

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