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Thai desserts reflect Thai food because certain elements are used, prominently rice, coconut, and fruits. Thai desserts are recognized as Khanom in Thai or sweet snacks. We believe that having Khanom is an excellent way to end a meal!

Thai Mango Sticky Rice – Khao Niao Mamuang

Mangoes are native to Southeast Asia, and Thailand is the third producer of mangoes worldwide. Mango sticky rice is available throughout Thailand at different price points.

Typically, the vendor slices the mango and serves this Thai dessert in front of you before handing over the styrofoam container with this delicious dessert.

Mango sticky rice is made with fresh mangoes cut into slices and placed on top of a sticky rice bed. Sweet coconut milk is then poured over the mango and sticky rice. The dessert is topped off with a sprinkle of fried mung beans.

Thai Sticky Rice Cake- Kao Tom Mud

This delicious Thai dessert is made of sticky rice with coconut milk and a filling inside.

There is a saying that Kao Tom Mud symbolizes a couple’s life since they usually pair two Kao Tom Mud together tied with a bamboo strip.

You can have it with black beans, tamarind, and banana. You can also find it with taro as well. Wrapped in a banana leaf, it is deliciously sweet and slightly chewy. You can quickly eat it in just two or three bites!

Coconut Ice Cream – Itim Kati

Coconuts are used in many Thai dishes, and it is no wonder to see them used in desserts. The ice cream is unique in that it is made entirely with coconut milk.

Like most people in Asia, the Thais do not easily digest lactose (sugar that occurs naturally in milk). Without lactose, you can enjoy coconut ice cream without the side effects of dairy.

The texture is not creamy like milk-based ice cream and not as icy as sorbet. It is a refreshing blend between the two. Cool off with this delicious Thai sweet

Thai Crispy Pancakes – Khanom Buang 

These crispy pancakes will grab your attention as much as they grabbed ours when we saw them for the first time. They are a traditional Thai sweet street food that is meticulously prepared.

The base or the crispy pancake is made of rice flour and mung bean flour. Coconut cream is topped on the small pancakes before fillings are placed on it. You will find two types of toppings, sweet and savory.

The sweet fillings have shredded coconut and golden threads (egg yolk strips). The salty filling contains shredded coconut, chopped spring onions, and shredded shrimp.

Thai Sweet Rolled Sesame Pancakes – Tuang Muan Sot

We first saw these tiny rolled up pancakes when visiting Wang Lang Market, one of the Bangkok markets that will make you salivate.

The bright colors and unusual flavors struck us. Typical flavors tend to be young coconut, taro, pandan, or corn. We could not taste the individual flavors, except for the coconut flavor. Don’t miss out on these soft pancakes with crunchy sesame seeds.

Black Sesame Dumplings in Ginger Soup – Bua Loy Nam King

This sweet treat is traditionally Chinese, and it is quite unlike the coconut-heavy desserts in Thailand. Instead, this dessert is made of round dumplings made of rice flour and stuffed with a black sesame paste on the inside.

They are served swimming in a warm spicy ginger soup. The dumplings are soft and chewy, and the ginger soup has a nice spicy bite to it.

Grilled Coconut Cakes – Khanom Ba Bin

These Thai-style coconut pancakes are my favorite street food. They are cooked on a hot grill and served warm. These pancakes are made with rice flour and flavored with coconut and palm sugar.

They are light and moist, with an airy texture. Bite-sized and delicious, it’s easy to eat several at a time.

Thai Pumpkin and Custard Dessert – Sang Kaya Fug Tong

When you think of pumpkins, dessert is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. The first time we saw slices of pumpkins stuffed with a creamy filling, we were immediately intrigued.

This trendy and unique Thailand dessert is a slice of pumpkin filled with custard. The pumpkin is cleaned and cooked ahead of time, and all seeds are removed. It is then stuffed with creamy coconut custard and cut into slices for sale.

While it is unusual to look up, it is actually really tasty, particularly because it is not too sweet.

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