Ways To Make Your Binge-Watch As Comfortable As Possible

Binge-watching is basically an endurance sport, so you need to be sure you’re prepared. After all, if you’re going to watch until your eyes fall out, why not make the experience as pleasant as possible?

That means paying close attention to the conditions under which you watch: the couch, the temperature, the vibe, and (most importantly) the snacks.

Tripcarte Asia knows that everyone might be home next week or working from home. And you might be squeezing in a movie or three. So Here are some tips for your next binge watch sessions!

1. Assemble your snacks before the binge-watch begins

To truly maximize your experience, we recommend selecting one salty snack, one sweet snack, and one wild-card snack. You can choose from popcorn and M&M’s or even MacD fried chicken and their MacFlurry to go along with it. The snacking possibilities are endless. If that is not up your alley you can always opt for a bowl of Nasi Goreng or even Maggi Cup!

2. Keep no less than three drinks in front of you at all times

One of the drinks should be water. For the other two, you can choose a large, gulp-able beverage — like a 7-11 Slurpee. Or if you choose to be fancy, small beverage, like those high-end lemonades with cursive lettering on the bottle will do the trick.

3. Get up every hour to stretch

You don’t have to do a full yoga class, but it’s nice to remind your body that it is, in fact, capable of movement.

4. Consider the two-blanket approach

The two blanket approach helps with the heat and the cold. If you are crashing on the floor to binge-watch the cold floor will give you fewer cramps. And if you are binging from your comfortable bed, the two blankets will help with the extra comfortability.

5. Consider your spinal column

If you need to bring a bed pillow onto the couch for back support, so be it. If you’re binge-watching in bed, consider acquiring a backrest pillow.

6. If you’re watching a show featuring heavy subject matter, take more breaks

While there is certainly no shame in binge-watching, it can have adverse effects on your mental health — especially if the show you choose deals with emotionally fraught topics. In these cases, treat yourself to a few more breaks than you normally would. We’re not saying go outside, but maybe do a few more stretches, check in with your friends, and drink some extra water.

7. Open a window

Let your binge-watching breathe a little. Make sure to open a window every now and then to breathe and get rid of the stench of the snacks in your room.

8. Text people about what you’re watching

If you do not have a binge-watching partner literally sitting next to you, it can be fun to live-text the show with a fellow binge-watcher in another location. It also reminds you that you have friends. Crucial! What you should not do, however, is send texts about the show to someone who has not seen the whole show yet. Avoid committing this friendship crime at all costs.

9. Switch positions

When you have a nest, you have a nest, so switching rooms isn’t necessary. But alternating between sitting up and lying down, or even just lying down on the other end of the couch, can be kinda nice. After all, lying down in a second location is a fun twist on lying down.

10. Respect the air

If you’ve chosen some really good snacks (and also haven’t left the couch for six hours), the room can start to smell a little … rank. That’s when it’s time to light a candle.

Tripcarte Asia wants you to be safe during this time of Covid-19. Please stay at home and stay safe!

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