3 Days Of Outdoor Activities In Langkawi

Langkawi – The Jewel Of Kedah

Langkawi is home to 99 islands in the Andaman Sea and an extra 5 islands reappear during low tide! It’s also a UNESCO Global Geopark with plenty of beauty in its landscape and seascape waiting to be discovered.
Aside from shopping for its famously bargained chocolate, liquor, and other goods – the outdoor activities in Langkawi deserve shout outs of their own! Keep reading to find out what thrilling adventures you can get up to with 3 days on the island.

Langkawi Island Hopping Jet Ski Tour
If you’ve ever envisioned yourself in a high-speed jet ski chase right out of a Hollywood movie, this is one island hopping tour that deserves to be on your list. Easy to maneuver, feel the wind in your hair and adrenaline take over with every squeeze of the jet ski accelerator.

As you choose to ride solo or with a partner, you’ll whiz and stop at various islands from Beras Basah Island, Intan Kecil Island, and Pulau Singa Besar. You’ll also stop by the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden where you can dip into the mystical waters said to heal women having difficulty bearing children!

Pro-tip: Make sure to slather yourself generously with sunscreen! You’ll be in the open sea with the sun beating on you for hours on end – so bring along your sunscreen for re-application as well.

Sunset Dinner Cruise
After a thrilling ride through the islands surrounding Langkawi, it’s time to take a slow and relaxing approach. Wind down and take in the serene scenery of the Andaman Sea aboard this yacht.

Enjoy free-flowing drinks, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, as you bask in the beauty of the sunset. After a day activity, your hungry tummy will be glad to find a scrumptious BBQ dinner being served on the cruise. The menu varies from crab, lamb, satay, and more.

To relax in style, there’s a hammock at the front of the yacht, suspended right above the seawater! We were treated with exceptional service from the start until the end of the cruise. The captain made sure we were comfortable, fed well, and having fun throughout the cruise.

Pro-tip: Bring along your swimming attire to the sunset dinner cruise. There’s a net attached to the back of the yacht, so you’re free to dip into the water with the boat pulling you along. Who needs a Jacuzzi when you have this. Also, if the waves aren’t too strong, the captain might even allow you to jump into the water from the yacht!

Snorkeling and Diving Adventures in Pulau Payar
This full-day snorkeling and diving adventure is held at Langkawi’s most scenic location, Pulau Payar. Located an hour away from the main island, it takes an hour ferry or speedboat ride to get there.

We went for the platform snorkeling option, where the ferry dropped us straight onto a platform in the middle of the sea. There, you’re free to snorkel or sit on the reef platform amongst the fishes. The island is known for its reef sharks, so make sure you try to spot them. We managed to spot at least 5 baby reef sharks!

Fellow divers can also go for a package that includes diving sessions where you can go even deeper to discover the ocean life of Pulau Payar. There’s even one for beginners or those who don’t own a diving license!

Langkawi Zipline Adventure Tours
Zip across Langkawi’s beautiful rainforest on the most thrilling zipline adventure that the island has to offer. This is where you can experience the longest and highest zipline course in Langkawi! Choose either a course of either 6 ziplines or 12 ziplines. We chose the 12 ziplines course which included a breathtaking flight over the Seven Wells Waterfall.

Pro-tip: Go for the 9 am to 10 am or 3 pm to 4 pm time slots if you’re keen on witnessing the wildlife. These are the times when they’re the most active and you’ll have a higher chance of sighting those furry animals.

Even though it was our first time going through a zipline course, the friendly rangers made the experience very fun and informative. For the worrywarts, the multiple safety features and briefing will put your nerves at ease! Just remember to look down and around to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Langkawi Discovery Helicopter Tour
After a thrilling zip-line course, it’s time to reach greater heights literally! Just as exciting, if not more, is the helicopter tour around Langkawi’s picturesque islands. Witness the island from an entirely different perspective.

Spot the busy activities in Cenang beach down below from parasailing to riding jet skis. As you tour around the island, spot the quaint Kuah town, the surrounding beaches, lakes, and many more. We went just before the sunset and quite frankly, were rendered speechless by the sights before us.

To get around Langkawi, you can use the Grab app, rent a car or private car charter. For convenience, you can easily book your tickets on Tripcarte.asia and enjoy a fun time in the sun in Langkawi.