One-Stop Guide To JB

Your first time travelling to Johor Bharu and you don’t know what’s interesting to explore there? You don’t even where to go in JB? Or maybe this is your second time and you’re looking for some new and exciting to discover with your family? Let us tell you about the top 5 activities that you can do!

1. Theme Park & Water Park | Legoland Malaysia

Are you in search of exciting indoor and outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends? This is one of the best theme parks for a holiday destination. The Legoland in Johor Bharu consists of up to 70 hands-on rides, slides, shows, and attractions offering adventure, education, and fun for action-packed day trips or short break destination. Experience the best activities in Legoland such as knights kingdom, pirates shores, Lego city, electric cars, brick, and many more. Get the best of Legoland ticket price from Tripcarte.Asia now.

2. Best Sheep & Goat Petting Zoo | Johor UK Farm

This is Malaysia’s largest farm of goat and sheep. It is only found in Johor Bharu. This farm also an integrated farm practicing the most modern techniques of goats and sheep rearing. You also get to experience the best time with the animals. Book your exciting adventure with and get a 2 days and 1-night stay in a chalet, a guided minibus tour, sheep challenge, and flying Kong mini lanterns. You can even choose the package based on how many people you plan to bring on this adventure.

3. Thrilling 5D Life | 5D Art Studio Kulai

Have you experienced the scenario of falling from the top of a mountain? How would you exactly feel if someone pushes you from the top? Well, that doesn’t happen for real, but would like to have a taste of what it feels like? Well, we got the place for you. This is one of the best ways to face your fear. Experience this realistic moment in the 5D Art Studio located in Kulai.

4. Interactive Place Space | Milky Way Play Space

This interactive place space provides a complete children’s playland. But it has more fun and entertainment for all the young and energetic soul. Here children can learn and play through the offering of the Tiger Cub Road challenging play land which is included in the Milky Way Play Space. This does not only provide fun for kids but helps them with different skills development.

5. Explore A Cartoonized world | MCM Cartoon Planet

This place is amazing for kids. In fact, it is one of the top attractions that kids can enjoy in JB. The MCM Cartoon Planet is full of all kinds of animated characters through the AR and VR technology power. Parents can have fun with games and plenty of activities provided. Get the best tickets offers at now.