Covid-19 Safety Procedures Taken By Attractions

While theme parks and other tourist operations are open for visit, all attractions are taking measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. These initiatives are focused primarily on traveling amusement parks and outdoor activities that include rides, games, and interactive exhibits.

Safety Procedures are such as:

Limiting Visitor Numbers
In this time, some form of crowd control is necessary for a while. As part of this, attractions will need to reduce visitor numbers. Theme parks, for example, could open at 50% capacity, or even less, to avoid overcrowding.

Advance Reservations
Advance reservations allow attractions to control the number of visitors. This ensures that the attraction will not admit more visitors than is safe. It also avoids disappointing visitors who cannot enter a full attraction. Book your online tickets in advance at TripCarte.Asia.

Increased Cleaning Procedures
Attractions are ensured to be frequently cleaned, particularly those with frequent touch-points. FECs, for example, will have to sanitise their games more often. Providing wipes, sanitiser and disposable gloves may help visitors feel more comfortable. Rides in theme parks will have to be cleaned frequently.

Temperature Checks Upon Entry
Temperature or health checks are introduced upon entry. It is also likely that guests will have to wear a face mask to enter an attraction.

Allowing For Social Distancing
Even if opening at limited capacity, visitors will still have to maintain appropriate social distance. Ride queues will be marked out so people do not come into close contact with each other. Restaurants and cafes will similarly move tables to create more space between visitors.