Reasons You Need To Add Langkawi Island Hopping To Your Travel Bucket List

A magnificent retreat under the sun!

No idea where your next travel destination should be? Well, don’t look too far now! You have a gem of an island in Malaysia itself like Langkawi. The Langkawi islands hold so much beauty and for many years now it is reputed to be one of the most beautiful tropical islands in Malaysia. It holds many amazing activities to get you moving too. It’s definitely bucket list worthy and here’s why!

The People

Okay, you’re thinking who travels to see another human being but let me finish, the locals that live on the island and own their own businesses big or small are really some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Your safety here is assured and you would never have to feel unsafe because the locals genuinely love having you there – plus, it’s not like they don’t haven’t people. Welcoming people is all second nature and part of the hospitality in Langkawi.

Swimming and Scuba Diving

The Langkawi Islands is home to some of the best swimming and scuba diving sites that are honestly breath-taking! If you have done neither in your life, especially taking a cool dip in the pristine waters of the island, then what are you waiting for? Check the Langkawi Island Hopping (Shared Boat) from our list and be one with the lake at Pulau Dayang Bunting (Lake of Pregnant Maiden). Its scenic freshwater lake surrounded by mountains all makes up for an incredible swimming haven. It’s such a cool experience and you will see a whole new world underwater. If you ever wanted to know what it actually feels like to be a mermaid, definitely try scuba diving at some point in your life.

Once-in-a-lifetime Experiences

With the Langkawi Island Hopping activity, there are different activities for you to try out that you’ve possibly never done before. Just sitting in your room and watching Netflix all day long can be boring eventually, so get that body moving. Don’t you just want to be away from social media and have a digital detox? This activity lets you hop from one island to another – and each island is unique in its own way: Pulau Dayang Bunting with its captivating waters and scenery, Pulau Singa and its eagle feeding activity on a boat, and Pulau Beras Basah with its soft white sands and snorkeling activities.

The Beauty of Nature

Some of the beauty you’ll see on the island you will never experience again. From the sunsets to the coral reefs to the clear blue water abundance of aquatic fishes, there are just some views you’ll want to capture forever because no words can describe how breath-taking they really are. It’s those things you need to see and experience for yourself as words and pictures do not do enough justice.

With all that have been listed here, now you’ve no excuse to say you’re bored during your holidays!