Top 10 places to visit in perak

So where is your next destination for holiday? Looking forward to range over Perak? There are many interesting attraction that is global eco- tourism attentions and the best venue for holidays. Let’s take a look on the cool part of Perak.

1. Lost World of Tambun Theme Park

A theme park with the collaboration of Sunway at Ipoh. The best weekends can be spent with your family at this theme park. Experiences at this park such as the splashing of water everywhere in the water park, amusement park with dry rides, night life, hot spring and wildlife park is available over here. This theme parks offers the cheapest price at with access to 11 different parks. Definitely, it is one of my favourite attraction to explore in Ipoh despite my busy week.

2. Bukit Merah Theme Park

This is another theme park at Ipoh that is known as the first and only theme park at Malaysia that has the Boomerang fun slide. They also has the first and giant Wet Bubble in Malaysia. I encourage everyone to try this new slide since it has not been introduced in any other theme park. It’s a thrilling time for all group of age people and even they have special slides for kids.

3. Orang Utan Island

You can visit the famous Orang Utan island that has the best species that never faced extinctions yet. Get an up close look at the endangered Orang Utan through this incredible tour of Orang Utan island. Experience some of the area’s most stunning natural highlights and learn more about local wildlife from your professional guide. Have more knowledge about the Orang Utan special species and don’t missed this chance of going to this place that is known as global eco-tourism destination.

4. Rafflesia Trek

It’s a jungle trekking that is very suitable for people who loves adventures and challenges. One can learn more about the Rafflesia species and other parasites all around the jungle. People can also have beautiful sight all along the journey at the jungle. It’s the best experience when you prefer to go trekking with a group of peoples.

5. Gaharu tea valley tour

This is one of the main attraction at Ipoh and a growing Agro – tourism destination. We offer only Rm10 for the entrance and you enjoy up to 5 things at the Gaharu tea valley. It is included with access to hilltop viewing stage, tree hugging parks, lovers park, free tea tasting, a walk in a HOGA time tunnel.

6. Kandu cave exploration

People who loves to know about history and stories about this cave can come over here. This cave consists of breath taking gallery of stalagmites and stalactites and other amazing rock formations which are superb speleological wonders found only in this part of the world. Use this chance to book your tickets now and explore something that is not explored before.

7. Taiping river cruise package

Been months or weeks since never got the chance on relaxing yourself? You have our Taiping river cruise with no regrets since we cheaper price of bookings. All you can get in this package is going our on boat while watching over the fish ponds, seeing wildlife, eagle sightings, visit the fish farm and the natural wonders of Kuala Sangga.

8. ATV- Adventure Park Larut

ATV adventure park is suitable for leisure time with loved ones. There are few packages here that offers one seater ride and also double seater ride. It includes challenging course here that brings you to the mud, paddy field and around the jungle.

9. Gopeng white water rafting

Its all day long rafting activity that is available at Ipoh. Experience the thrills that you will face in while rafting at the Selangor river. Enjoy the promotional prices time to time at our websites for more cheaper booking now and the tickets will be valid till 6 months

10. Sunway city X- camp

It is an extreme adventure camp that started on 2003. People who loves physical activities and games can come and explore the nature too. They provide two combos over here. The first combo A includes jungle trail + tunnel caving. The second one combo B has all the activities in combo A and flying fox.