Despite all your stressful schedule, take a little bit of time and space to explore at Berjaya Times Square theme park. It’s also suitable for those bad weather days when you can’t explore the city center, or if you’re in the mood for a hair-raising roller coaster ride in the midst of a shopping spree after all, it’s bound to be less frightening than all the money you’re spending in the mall.

It is an indoor theme park that is located at the 5th and 7th floor of Times Square megamall. This is first largest indoor theme park in Malaysia book of record holder. If you are Kuala Lumpur now, you can go for the roller coaster ride anytime. Highlights include thrilling rides such as the Supersonic Odyssey and DNA Mixer. Supersonic Odyssey is one of the thrilling roller coaster ride that even scary for me when that was my first time. This theme park compacts up to 14 thrilling and enjoyable rides that is one of main attraction for tourist on weekends too. There are two station available. The first is galaxy station and that has 6 main thriller rides while the second one is Fantasy Garden that has 8 activities.

What’s Fun at Berjaya Time Square Theme Park

Galaxy Rides has been the main attraction with total 6 rides in the theme park but it limits up to the people that age 13 and above only. Its mostly not suitable for kids or infants and also people who has heart or serious health issues. The super exciting ride is the 800m supersonic odyssey roller coaster. Additional rides include the 30m high Spinning Orbit, DNA Mixer, Robo crash, Ooort’s Express, Dizzy Izzy, and the swinging Space Attack. The DNA Mixer is another express and speedy ride crazy gondola that loops forward & backwards while tilting from side to side. Moreover, this is a great opportunity for you to test your skill with our bumper cars at Robo crash. Play out the best time with your bunch of friends and family.

Meanwhile, there are The Fantasy Garden has eleven rides for very young children that perfect for families. The colourful Garden Avenue is especially popular with toddlers and other fun rides available include the Crazy Bus, Buddy Go Round, Flying Bumble Bee, Botanic Drive, Molly-Cool’s Swing, Fantasy Trail, Robo Crash, and Honey Bump. Don’t miss bringing them a colourful ride in the Botanic drive that gives the outlook of the whole fantasy garden. This garden is especially made for young kids. Honey bump is one of highlighted activity here for kids if you have the need for speed. Chase or be chased as you & your friends go around the circuit with the Honey Bump. Be sure to buckle up as you’ll be having a bumping good time.

Subjectively,set your expectation straight. This is not Disneyland, Universal Studios. Six Flags or Legoland. If you can get past that, this fully indoor theme park is quite enjoyable with fewer crowds at a very affordable price. Although this theme park is smaller compared all the others, but it creates more satisfaction and trigger visitors to come mostly weekly basis to this theme to find time for relaxation environment.

Purchase your tickets now and enjoy your weekend plans together. Definitely that will be your favourite and nearest theme park if you’re somewhere at Kuala Lumpur.