Terengganu, is one of the MUST-visit state in Malaysia. As a starting point, it is good to mention that it possesses some of the most magnificent and heavenly islands that everyone should check it out someday. The capital city of Terengganu, Kuala Terengganu is ideal if you would love to be immersed in the state’s customs and traditions. If you are very into nature , Terengganu boasts a lot of forest, jungle, mountain, and waterfall, ready to be explored and experience. Tripcarte.asia has now prepared a list of 7 amazing places and activities you don’t want to miss in Terengganu.

1. Check out Bidong Island Trip.

All 4 in 1 once?? Well, then you should come here at least once in a lifetime. It’s reviewed as one of the best spot for snorkelling, diving, watch sunrise and swimming. The locals never get tired of following up to the island especially in the weekends. This is an unique destination to choose as it doesn’t offer too beautiful scenery, wonderful BIdong Island sunrise and fun activities to do but it has the interesting history to learn. Diving around Bidong and its surrounding islands are not as easily accessible as dive sites due to its extraordinary nature that this becomes one of the eco-tourism place in Malaysia. How cool is that to hear?

2. Kenyir Lake Trip a relaxing gateway.

What is the man made contribution in Malaysia?? Get here and discover one of the largest man made lake in Malaysia. Forget about the museums and other tourist activities, let’s try something fun-follow the locals and take a boat ride around Kenyir Lake. Feel free to take the boat ride while enjoying the breezy air of nature all around you throughout the journey. By doing this also, you can get a glimpse of the local lifestyle in Terengganu from the lakeview. Don’t missed out to enjoy the enthusiastic view of the Kenyir Lake.

3. Chill at Sekayu Waterfall & Terrapin Conservation Centre Tour

If you would want to just stay mesmerized and appreciate the beauty of the city of Kuala Terengganu, perhaps it’s a must for you to go to the this combination of waterfall and conservation centre. Sometimes, the fun thing in life is not by exploring too much, but perhaps, just sit down in a place calmly and relax. Besides that, as a coastal town, the terrapin conservation centre of Kuala Terengganu extends across almost the entire of the town. It is the best place for students experiments and you will discover the rarest turtle species all around here. Empower the taste of tropical Malaysian rainforest in this 4 hours tour.

4. Enjoy the Fireflies and Fishing Village Tour

It is really fun and enjoyable to go fishing together with your friends especially in the late evening. If you’re the type of person who loves baiting the fishes, then rush over to this place once you are at Terengganu. Besides that, this area is one of the most fascinating natural wonders in Malaysia. The secret of pulling factor towards this place is that every night hundreds of fireflies light up these mangrove swamps with their fabulous synchronized flashing patterns. As soon as the sun sets, the darkness is punctuated with the striking display of thousands of fairy like lights of the fireflies lining the shore. Watch this spectacular natural display and see the stars descend on earth!

5. Experience Kuala Terengganu City Tour

I like Kuala Terengganu. The city has a relaxed feel to it and an attractive seaside setting and it is more geared up for tourism than some other Malaysian cities. Get ready to get driven away with this tour to some of the top exhilarating places that creates some memories while you’re at Terengganu. Take this cultural water taxi and see nature up close! Visit the picturesque places like Duyung Island, Bukit Puteri and Central Market. So people, now you can explore all these places with one payment through Kuala Terengganu city tour. Don’t wait and start booking now.

6. Go Sun tanning at Redang Island Trip.

We love Island! Who doesn’t? It would be unfair if we do not mention one of the most famous Island destinations in Malaysia for locals and foreigners alike. This Island is one of the majestic one and has breath taking crystal teal waters which are perfect for diving, snorkelling, and trekking activities. What can you do here? Perhaps, this is absolutely perfect Island for you to plan a romantic trip with your loved ones, a fun family getaway, maybe a solo trip or might be just a diving trip with buddies who love the combination of beach, sun and water! Make sure to bring along your sunblock along.

7. Enjoy the Blissful Kapas Island Trip

Paradise of island is referred to Kapas island by most of the locals here. Surely I’m eager to explore the secret of the island too. Pulau Kapas is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places you will ever visit. Why? This is a tiny island that travellers mainly visit for relaxation, sun bathing, diving and especially snorkelling as the corals around Kapas. There are a few paths that you can walk on if you like to do some light jungle trekking. So, for sure not only beach lovers is attracted here but also people who loves adventurous activities are welcomed too.