Museums In Penang

There are now more museums in Penang than ever before. The number of privately established museums have increased, particularly after George Town was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These contemporary themed museums around Penang will enlighten you on the items they specialise in.

1. Teddyville museum

Where are all the teddy bear lovers? Find the most rare and different kind of your favourite teddy bears here. Get to know the best collection at this museum. This is Malaysia’s first and largest collection of Teddy Bears from various nations and eras, as early as the 1900s. The smallest one which is the first batches of teddy bear till the biggest as human sized teddy is available here. This museum is quite unique because its not only tells the tales behind the origins of the teddy bear, they also displays also showcase and celebrate the rich cultural history of Penang. The Penang Cultural Boardwalk is yet another feature of TeddyVille Museum Penang that houses human sized teddy bears that are dressed in breathtaking details to exhibit cultural features of Penang. To further the complete story of Penang, we have added teddies that represent iconic Penangites that have impacted the world in their own fields. These five feet tall tributes are our way of thanking them for glorifying Penang. The TeddyVille Museum was founded under the principles of fun, education and cultural experience.

2. Ghost museum

Ghost Museum is the first Malaysia ghost-themed museum based in Penang. It is more into photography section here of different type of ghosts like Pontianak, orang minyak and many more. Here displayed a variety of ghost from all ethnics, the guide will talk a tale or the history of the ghost, you also can try to wear some costumes to take photo. Great for family day or here will be a great plan B if raining day. Looking at the museum, it is not so big, but it is also part of Unesco World Heritage building. There are some basic notices that you will to take note before entering each section. The first section starts with some Malay legendary ghost story like orang Minyak story. it been told on why oil is covered on their body and the purpose of them rape and steal using that kind of identity. Some important facts such as why toyol exist and all are well explained. Many description is pasted on the wall about each ghost introduced at the museum.

3. Penang War Museum

Penang War Museum in Bukit Batu Maung became famous one and fame of the city when it is well been told and shown the site for battle between Penang and Japanese. It is also the largest war museum in Southeast Asia that has a privately owned heritage site that covers an area of some 20 acres. At the entrance, you can see a polished wooden skull that looks more likely a dragon that looms down the visitors. There’s a Japanese suicide vest, complete with replica sticks of dynamite, and a sign that invites visitors to have their photo taken wearing a mock WWII uniform. Nearby, a cow’s skull pinned to a fence (a real skull this time) has been captioned with the words, “I Hate War.” There are also a lot of old photographs and information signs about the artifacts and the way of life of the soldiers and prisoners that once lived here.

4. Gold museum

Let’s visit to The One & Only Gold Museum in Malaysia, the Penang Gold Museum! Trust me that you can heat of making of the gold now in front of you. Be a gold hunter and explore the treasure that is hidden in the gold museum. It is only small museum but they have good educational facts to be learned by young learners. You can also purchase their pure gold of different types that is in the museum. Gold panning is one of the great attractions in the museum, trust me, you can really pan out some gold flakes and yes, you are allowed to bring it back home as gifts! There are millions of 50KG Gold Bar and 30KG Silver Bar and you can see it while touch it.

5. Made In Penang Interactive museum

The three-dimensional impressions are a distinctive concept and certainly provide a breath of fresh air to Malaysia’s city of street art. Their collection of murals utilize shades and varying contours to add to their strength as well as props to create a real-life mind trickery even on photographs, of course, for adults and kids alike. I bet you have never seen a museum like this. It is beautifully made with 100% creativity of Penang artists. There are more than 5 different sections that you can explore here including great wall of Penang, Miniatures of Weld Quay and Local Trades, 3D Trick Art Gallery, Games Room and Art & craft workshop. Purchase the tickets now to explore more at the real place.

6. Dark Mansion

I prefer to call this museum extraordinary due to the marvelous creation of the museum not only in the form of 3D but it has the effect of glow in the dark. This place has the teamwork of full science and technology. The paintings that turn into glow in the dark make the place do unique and one of the best spot for your photoshoot or photography section. Selfies is also great to be captured here. the highlighted part of this museum is the fire and water section which is so mesmerizing art work of Edgar Muellar. It shows the transition of day to night and it is amazing to have 2 effect at once in this museum.