Best venue for valentines day celebration

Planning a date with your partner? Well, you also preparing yourself in better way for a proposal? Maybe a candle light dinner with mouth watering dishes? Or an extraordinary view with flashy preparation.

Looking forward about it, It is indeed true that we go to restaurants not just for the food but also for the ambience. A wonderful atmosphere and tasty food are a lethal combination for people who are out to have an immersive dining experience on a special occasion . However, restaurants with wonderful ambience are a dime a dozen in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. So, why don’t you bring your girlfriend to go out hunting for a unique dining experience instead, you know the kind that will take us a bit out of our comfort zone? I have found at least one in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It calls itself “Plane in the City,” where patrons of the restaurant get to enjoy a unique 90-minute experience dining in a grounded Boeing 737 aircraft.
I believe this is a wonderful concept of a restaurant for those couples who is planning for their valentines day 2019 to be more romantic. I’m sure some of your partner might love to get into airplanes but too scared or phobia of the real situation of landing. So, this place is recommended for those who’s afraid of flying but really want the feel of being in an aircraft. And of course you’ll get more than you bargained for because not only do you get to have a fine meal in an actual plane while being serenaded by the latest hit music, but you also get to walk on the wings of the aircraft, take a selfie while sticking your head out of the Pilot’s cockpit and pose confidently and beautifully at the plane’s turbine.
So talking about our plan on how your valentines day dinner with a grand proposal can be creatively organised in the plane in the city. It can be done even you prefer to take business class tickets but I would prefer to go for first class ticket. This is because you can demand for many extra things to be done here. Isn’t it sound romantic to have a nice date with free flow of cocktails? Proposal can be done at the wing of the planes with roads of rose petal, candle lights all around, a themed color according to your fiance’s interest, peoples around to shout out for a yes, with her favorite dresses on wear, like seriously make it happens with her favorite kind of ring and a huge bouquet. Ideas like this can be modified done more mesmerizingly. This place is a great plan to impress your partner and please show your efforts here on what is done by you for her. Its definitely a yes from her.
Love is all about efforts. Chances don’t always comes in our way. But once it has appeared we have to grab it and use it wisely. Missed chances are also a tiny achievement towards something but apparently we missed that good things. Grab your chance today to propose for marriage, or a love proposal or a valentine date with your loved ones. Don’t always impress someone of bringing to the same restaurant, buying same gifts and everything. Find new ways to love someone each day. Sometimes its not about money but its about showing the world that haven’t been seen by the person you loved. Experience new kind of feelings in this venue in a more memorable way.
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