Theme Park Bucket List

Many people think that Malaysia ONLY has beautiful islands, white sandy beaches, national parks and historic sites.

But, do you know that Malaysia is also home to some of the world’s most amazing theme parks?

Malaysia has come up with the perfect adrenaline rush then kids can spend some theme parks in Malaysia. From North of Malaysia to down South there are water parks all over the country! All you have to do is grab some of your friends and family and head over.

Make your theme park bucket list now!

Legoland | Johor Bahru

Having opened in Iskandar Puteri (Nusajaya), Johor Bahru on September 15, 2012, Legoland Malaysia is the first international theme park in the country. It features more than 80 interactive rides, shows and interesting activities for individuals of all ages.

It is built inside the Nusa Cemerlang Industrial Park which is within the Iskandar Malaysia Economic Zone. Legoland Malaysia hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. It is separated into three main parts. These are the Legoland Park, the Water Park and the Legoland Hotel.

Legoland Malaysia Highlights:

  • With themed areas with names like the BeginningLEGO City, Miniland, ImaginationLEGO TechnicLEGO Kingdoms and Land of Adventure, there is everything for everyone. Children especially will have the time of their lives in the park.
  • Legoland Water Park has a water-themed entertainment program where visitors can enjoy over 20 slides.
  • The Legoland Hotel boasts of 249 themed guestrooms. It also has a world-class swimming pool as well as restaurants and bars. A buffet dinner is planned for guests every day.
  • There is great shopping at Legoland Malaysia’s shopping areas.
  • There are offices as well as serviced apartments right within Legoland.
  • There are local delicacies as well as international dishes at the Market Restaurant. Only Halal food is served here for those who prefer such dishes.
  • This pretty theme park is tailor-made for children’s enjoyment. It features children’s games and activities that will keep your kids happy and occupied all day long.

Sunway Lagoon | Selangor

Situated in Subang Jaya in the Selangor area in Malaysia, Sunway Lagoon has been awarded numerous accolades as one of the best theme parks in all of Asia. It has been in operation since 1993, and it has had major improvements and growth since then. Get your family and friends will enjoy the water park and the amusement park in the heart of Malaysia.

What do you expect from one of the world’s best theme parks? Nonstop fun for the whole family. Sunway Lagoon never disappoints. Set in an awesome 88 acres of land, the park boasts over 80 attractions to choose from. You will find something you all love there.

Sunway Lagoon Highlights:

  • The Water Park at Sunway Lagoon is one place to experience before you die. There is a human-made surf beach that reaches up to 8 feet. It is the world’s largest. There are also great water rides for all the family to enjoy.
  • The amusement park features many rides and games for all the family. There is the Extreme Park which features Malaysia’s first Bungee jump as well as other games of skill and rides to confront all your phobias. The Scream Park features live actors as well as visual and audio effects to package their fear and scare experience for the not-so-faint-hearted.
  • The Wildlife Park is a zoo which is both educative as well as interactive. You will find friendly wildlife there, and the children will love interacting with them.
  • Sunway Lagoon is also famous for hosting global events like the MTV World Stage.

 Berjaya Times Square | Kuala Lumpur

Another theme park in Malaysia’s beautiful capital is the theme park, famously known as Berjaya Times Square. It boasts the biggest indoor theme park in the country with approximately 130,000 square feet dedicated to fun and amusement. It is located in the 5th and 7th floors of the Berjaya Times Square complex. It offers a wide range of rides and games for a fulfilling fun time for the entire family as well as groups and couples.

It is a haven for thrill-seekers who go for the exciting rides that pump out their adrenaline in gallons. Situated in the city, accessibility is easy and the opening hours are long.

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park Highlights:

  • There are plenty of safe rides and games to choose from even for the youngest kids.
  • Located in the vast mall, there are plenty of places to dine and take refreshments.
  • Your shopping needs are fully satiated here as retail space is generous, and all major brands are well represented here.
  • Here you will find well-stocked souvenir shops as well as vast gift shops for you to take mementoes.
  • The Fantasy Garden is a must-visit for the family. Here you will enjoy the rides and other amusements as you savour the quality time this theme park provides.
  • Accommodation is readily available in the good hotels and apartments surrounding the mall.

Melaka Wonderland | Melaka

Melaka is a fairly new tourist zone as compared to other more established areas in Malaysia. One of the main attractions here is the Melaka Wonderland. It is one of Malaysia’s water theme park. It attracts lots of tourists from Malaysia as well as from abroad. The park is designed to accommodate everyone; kids, teenagers, families and adults as well. They take the safety of visitors very seriously and try hard to make your visit as memorable as possible.

Surrounded by a recreational forest measuring 360 hectares, the theme park features a total of 16 attractions with names like the Tornado Chaser for the thrill-seekers, the Adventure Island, 1 Big wave pool and many more.

Melaka Wonderland Highlights:

  • If you love water theme parks, this is one place you need to visit when you are in the region. The slides are fantastic, and the water is clean.
  • The kiddie pools and slides are just as exciting as they are safe. Your kids and teens will remember this theme park for a long time.
  • The views of the natural forest are breathtaking and calming to the soul.
  • There are many refreshment points in the park as well as dining areas.

A’ Famosa Resort | Melaka

A’ Famosa Resort, not far from the Malaysian town of Melaka is one of the country’s leading leisure, holiday and golfing destinations. Melaka itself is rich in history and it is the 16th-century Portuguese fortifications that gave A’Famosa Resort its name. Since it was founded in the early nineties, it has developed to be an attraction to millions of tourists from MalaysiaSingapore, and greater Asia and from all over the world as well.

Just off the North-South Highway, A’Famosa Resort is just short of an hour by road from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and an hour and a half from Kuala Lumpur city centre.

A’Famosa Melaka Highlights:

  • The first theme park on the grounds was the Water world. With its magnificent pools, innovative slides and children’s facilities, the Water World has welcomed millions of fun lovers ever since its inception.
  • The Animal World Safari was completed in 2001. It has plenty of roaming animals as well as others that perform tricks for the visitors.
  • The Cowboy Town will take you back to the Wild West Era with Indians, outlaws and nightly shows of life back then.
  • If you want a break from it all, you can visit the historical town of Melaka to feel the history of this part of Malaysia.

The Lost World Of Tambun | Perak

Ran by the Sunway Group, the Lost World of Tambun is a great getaway from busy city schedules and the demands of school and college. Set in the valleys of Ipoh, a region with a rich tin mining history during the English Colonial Period, the limestone cliffs surrounding the resort will take your breath away. The Lost World of Tambun is approximately 200 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur heading North. The town of Ipoh is in the Perak Region in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia.

The Lost World of Tambun price is cheap and reasonable to be enjoyed by all aged group and lots of fun and thrill attractions all the way.

Lost World Tambun Highlights:

  • The theme park is a must-visit when you are at Ipoh. There are great pools to while your time in; massive slides and you can also enjoy a leisurely trip on floats in one of Asia’s longest river of adventure.
  • The amusement park features rides and games of all sorts for people of all ages. The carnival atmosphere will leave you, asking for more.
  • The Zoo is another place to visit. From large animals like tigers to smaller ones that your kids can pet, the zoo will educate and entertain all who visit it.
  • The Lost World Hotel is another attraction to The lost world of Tambun. With luxury rooms and great service, you will be pampered after all the activities in the resort.
  • Dotted all over the resort are hot springs that are said to be medicinal in nature. Take the time to relax in the relaxing hot water in between the numerous activities at the theme park.

Bukit Gambang | Pahang

The Bukit Gambang Water Park and Safari Park is located in the resort city of the same name. Set in a massive 727 acres of land, the resort is a major attraction of tourists from Malaysia and the world.

There are 3 world-class hotels right in the resort for your accommodation purposes. The resort city is amidst many natural and cultural attractions as well. The East Coast Expressway will take you to the resort which you will find just 35 km from the beach city of Kuantan. It is 218 km from Kuala Lumpur by road. It is 40 minutes by air from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and 65 minutes from Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Bukit Gambang Theme Park Highlights:

  • Enjoy the Water Park at the resort to the fullest. The slides will keep everyone occupied while the kids will love frolicking in the pools. Take a floater down the resort’s river as well. You can even rent a wooden cabana to relax in at the water park.
  • The Safari Park is not a place you want to miss. It is the largest zoo in Malaysia with free-roaming animals which include Malaysia’s rare white lions.
  • World-class accommodation is offered at the resort.

KidZania | Kuala Lumpur

School holiday is here, and you have no idea where to bring your children? Kidzania is the ideal place for the young minds to explore, engage, interact, experience real-life occupations and get to learn hands-on activities in a friendly environment.

At the end of the day, your child will develop incredible skills, learn to be independent, understand the value of teamwork and most of all inspire a child’s mind to think, create and expand their knowledge.

Kidzania Highlights:

  • Offers 100 activities for young children to learn real-life skills and perform real-life jobs in a simulated environment.
  • Get to choose the role or occupation that you like and perform them as real as possible.
  • The kids don’t get all the fun as adults can join and interact with their children through the various activities and thus encouraging them.
  • Kidzania comes to you by attending your school! The great opportunity for all students around Malaysia to enjoy and learn the out-of-classroom activity.