Top 3 delightful day trips in Penang (WHAT’S NEW)

If you’ve done with street art in George Town, food on Penang Road, and hipster cafe’s on Beach Street, then it’s time to venture outside your comfort zone and take a perfect day trip on the island. Between butterfly farms, jungle treks and turtle hatcheries, there are many more off-the-beaten-path sights to be explored on the island, mainland, and the surroundings. Here are the top 3 best day trips in Penang, Malaysia that should never missed!!!

There are some top attractions that you’ll be visiting in this tour. One of it is Kuan Yin Temple which is Penang’s oldest temple. Built in 1728, it is set on Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling (previously known as Pitt Street) and was constructed by early immigrant settlers from China. Upon completion, the temple was one of the most magnificent Chinese-style structures in northern Malaysia. Discover this ancient temple with their amazing history. Another attraction is the night market. Penang is always famous for its food and prices. You can find best products with the cheapest prices each offering something for every type of traveller. Start looking forward on this this tour now to explore more places at Penang and experience the best days of lives.
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Penang hill is one of the main reason that prevents the extinction of some rare species. Most of the people who goes to Penang hill by taking the Penang hill train and a small percentage go up by jeep or hiking. Tourist loves taking picture from the top of the hill because they can have the amazing panoramic view of Georgetown and the mainland across the Straits. Lovers lock is found here in various shape or colour. For the tourist that wants to see the sunset in the morning, this is one of the best place to go. It is also the tourist main attraction due to the fresher climate other than Cameron highland.
This is tour is a must for the tourists to go because it reflects the history of Penang. One of the top place that you will go in this trishaw ride is Fort Cornwallis. Fort Cornwallis is the largest standing fort in Malaysia. Set close to the Esplanade and Penang Clocktower, the star-shaped bastion is one of the oldest structures in Penang. A bronze statue of Captain Francis Light stands near Fort Cornwallis’ main entrance. Inside the fort are prison cells, barracks, munitions storage areas, a harbour light once used to signal incoming ships and the original flagstaff. Get to know more on the equipment used in wars and history of how Penang is formed as a well being state till today.
This tour definitely worth it as you will go for nearly 10 places to explore and for a day trip. Book your tickets now at and explore the rest of the places with your loved ones today.