The first nature theme park in Malaysia??☺☺☺

If you’ve never been to Lost World of Tambun with your family, I urge you to do so. It is one of the best family-friendly attractions in Malaysia. We had some of our best family moments when we visited this place last year. It is a first nature theme park with oldest milestone of 400 million years. This sounds so interesting. This theme is fully nature made and not man made theme park. Lost world of tambun have now updated many new facilities and things to do in lost world of tambun with a more convenient price.
Do escape the hustle and bustle of the city to the theme park that is located in Tambun, Ipoh, Lost World of Tambun which is not very far but only a 2-hour leisurely drive from Kuala Lumpur. There is a wide range of outdoor activities can be enjoyed by all age groups set amidst breathtaking natural landscapes and resources such as the limestone hills, natural hot springs and fresh air at the lost world of Tambun. For the adventurous, there are exhilarating tube rides such as Cliff Racer and Tube Raiders. Tube Raiders is the longest inflatable tube ride in Malaysia with four different slides. There is also a landscaped beach where you can chill and relax. Few option of tickets also offered to the customer depends on their preferences.
There are few things that you must do if you get to the lost world of Tambun. They do have glamping over there which is a camping in style and comfort, amidst 400 million year old limestone rock outcrops. You are even given access to do BBQ activities, chill around with love ones on king sized bed, fans, lighting and electrical points to charge your devices. This is more to glamorous and luxurious type of camping style while you can enjoy outdoor activities too. Besides that, don’t forget to feed the giraffes over there. It is proven that not many places are found in Malaysia that still have our giraffes. Use this chance to know more about the species of animals that did not extinct yet.
After a long day at the Lost World of Tambun theme park, there is nothing better than to relax and unwind in pools of 100% natural hot spring waters. The lost world hot spring and spa opens from 6pm to 11pm. It’s a good opportunity to go for it for relaxation after a tiring day. The hot spring water is said to have numerous health benefits such as improving blood circulation and promoting healthy skin. Definitely a day is not enough to explore all the things in lost world of Tambun. No worries because we do have lost world of Tambun resort for you to stay.