5 ways to have fun at Kidzania Malaysia

KidZania KL already known as Malaysia’s first and only interactive edutainment theme park where kids and teenagers between the ages four to 14 get hands-on experience on real-life jobs through attractions and activities.

At Kidzania Kuala Lumpur, your kids can experience their dream job from a doctor, a pilot, a firefighter or an artist. There will be tons of fun and amazing activities for your kids to enjoy in just one day. Here are 5 ways for you and your kids to have fun at Kidzania Malaysia.

Book your Kidzania KL ticket early

Since Kidzania KL is a popular attraction for families and school-going kids, sometimes during school holiday, buying the entrance ticket at counter ticket can be troublesome especially when you need to que. And for that, we suggest you book the Kidzania tickets online. You can buy the ticket online at least one or two days earlier to avoid the crowd. No need to queue anymore, just scan your ‘boarding pass’ and you ready to go.

Earn Money

As an edutainment theme park, at KidZania KL, the kids will learn to be independent, know the value of teamwork, develop skills and even financial literacy! At the place KidZania Nation, kidZos is the official currency. Your kids earn kidZos by ‘working’ at any of the establishment or pay for items/services. This is a great way for your kids to learn about financial literacy, the value of money and sense of responsibility as they take charge of their own ‘money’. At KidZania Nation also, there is a bank to help the kids to save their kidZos and make other transaction such as debit card requests, once they have opened a personal saving account.

Navigate with Map

Get a KidZania Map at the KidZania Information Counter to navigate and plan your times around the theme park.  This way, you can plan ahead which attractions your kids can spend times more since some of the popular attractions such as Flight Attendants and Firefighter have a long queue. The kids can try out the ‘jobs’ on the theme park’s upper level first as they usually have shorter queues. This way you can maximize your time at Kidzania Kuala Lumpur.

Let Your Kids know you

What an easy way for your kids to learn more about your job? The answer will be to let your kids get a taste of your daily basis. Your kids will learn all about your work and understand more about your work nature.

Enjoy Your Times

Even though KidZania KL is a theme park for kids, it doesn’t mean that as parents or guardian, you cannot join to enjoy and have fun together with your kids. Join as many activities you can and explore all the real-life jobs. And maybe after spending time with your kids at Kidzania, you can reward them with a nice dinner nearby.

KidZania Malaysia Ticket Price

Child (4-17 years)AdultToddler
RM 71RM 36RM 33

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