Marvel Exhibition: Ten Years of Heroes at Pavilion KL


For Marvel Fans, with the announcement of Avengers End Game re-release with the original cuts, an unfinished deleted scene and also a sneak peek to Spiderman Far From Home is great news that the fan cannot be missed out. But there is another great news for the Marvel fans across the country, a Marvel exhibition is happening in Pavilion KL from 28th June until 27th October 2019.

The exhibition titled Ten Years of Heroes brings you back down the memory lane of the Marvel Cinematic Universe journey since the release of Iron Man movie 10 years ago. Showcasing original artifacts- costumes, props and concept art – from the spectrum of films, you can sneak a peek into the iconic characters’ valiant journey such as Captain America, Iron Man and many more.

You can expect to see the intricate set recreations, such as Tony Stark’s Lab, the Asgardian Bifrost, and others. Chronicling the great moments from the Marvel Studios film in the past decade, don’t miss out on the chance to experience the most extraordinary adventure of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.