The Rift Mid Valley: The Largest Virtual Reality Theme Park in South-East Asia

Experience the new excitement of virtual reality and augmented reality at The Rift. Located at 3rd-floor Mid Valley, The Rift is South-East Asia’s largest Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Theme Park. Over 24 virtual/augmented games you can choose to from Zero Latency, Holodek, Hado Monster Battle and many more.

There is also The Rift Junior Zone for kids under 8 to enjoy playing the games. And if you want to feel nostalgic, there are also arcade games for you to have fun while in there.

The Rift Mid Valley Price

There is quite a number of games that you can play that come at 1 credit each, but for more VR Fun games, usually, they’ll cost about 2-3 credits per play. You don’t need to worry if you almost finished your credit because you can top up your credit later at The Rift counter.

You can book The Rift ticket online through

4 Credits8 Credits12 Credits
RM 38RM 75RM 110

*The price stated for 6 games attraction – Motion Blaster, Terminator X, VR Adventure, Hurricane, Hollowall, Hado PVP, Raceroom, River Rafting, Sandbox- Beat Saber/Fruit Ninja, Versus, Dimension 13, Hado Monster