Why You Should Visit The Lost World Of Tambun Theme Park | Perak

A little world with many big adventures, Sunway Lost World of Tambun is Malaysia’s premiere action and adventure family holiday destination in Ipoh, Malaysia.

A theme park located in the historic town of Ipoh, in the middle of the North-South corridor in Perak it is surrounded by exquisitely breath-taking limestone features. Whether it’s a weekend of mayhem oozing with family fun or a burst of eco-adventure that you’re seeking, take it all in as you journey through the attractions of the Lost World of Tambun. It compacts up to 10 parks with 64 main attractions in it which are worth it for the ticket price offered too.

Get ready for endless wet and wild fun activities over here. There is a total of 7 surfs / slides that are quite thrilling and exhilarating play. All visitors who would love to get into this water park need to wear proper attire for a more comfort zone. This is one of the parks where you can face a giant jungle wave pool in Malaysia. Get hit with three feet higher wave and create the best memoirs with loved ones here. Bring your balls and engage with your favourite game at sandy bay with your friends.

Get cool drinks in hand, get bask in the sun while playing your favourite game and warm up by laying yourself on the crystal white sand. An idea of kids sized slide, which is made up only for kids called the ‘kids explorabay’ will create the best childhood for your kids here. Explore more places such as adventure rider, cliff racer and tube raider. Don’t miss out the awesome pool party too with your favourite DJ here.

But what if you’re the type person that doesn’t like water? You can still freak yourself out in a dry environment. Remember, fun is not always found when there is only waters’ existence. You can even have fun on land. Challenge yourself to get into Lupe’s adventure, which is Perak’s first roller coaster. Experience some tight turns and quick dives here.

Moreover, the Stormrider (180-degree pirate ship) is inviting you to take a short ride with some stomach-churning fun. Wanted to go back to your childhood with some good time of swinging? Get into the dragon slights and experience an individual ride that makes you feel dizzy maybe!! However, I’m sure you will go for a second ride. Hurry up book your tickets now to know more about other rides over there.

Calling all animal lovers to read this. Experience a small area of giraffe Lost World of Tambun petting zoo over here. Get some close-ups and take pictures with them. Rabbit Wonderland is also found here which surrounded by human-made river. Fishing can also be done by visitors in the river at this station.

One of the largest bird paradises is at this zoo with at least 500 birds from 18 species over here. You can touch, see, feed and also take pictures with your favourite birds. Furthermore, Catopia, which is a galore kitty home with diverse types of feline breeds is at this zoo setting. If you are a feline lover, you would love this place so very much.

Who said that we don’t have theme parks available anymore. You have Lost World of Tambun now with a more lively night over here after 6 pm to 11 pm every day. Relax in the hot spring and spa after a thrilling daytime at the other theme parks. There is a total of 12 pools here with Saphira’s cafe located here that serves you a delicious light refreshment. Talking about our musical paradise, get ready to enter the mysterious and mystical realm of Luminous Forest, home to the Malaya tribe.

It is open from 8 pm to 10 pm. Come over here with your family and experience many more unspoken activities. Some things can only be felt by oneself for more experience. Hurry up and book your tickets with the lowest and promotional price at Tripcarte Asia now and have a great day with your family at this theme park.