Ulu Tamu 4×4 Road Adventure | Selangor

Are you tired of boring weekend activities? Are you interested in trekking forests with the 4-wheel drive? Here is an excellent option for you to try out this weekend.

Instead of a regular city tour, get on the wild side on a 4×4 in Ulu Tamu. This 4×4 Off-Road Adventure Tour ventures off-road through the vast greenery to traditional villages, fruit farms and waterfalls. It traverses through lush trails and rocky terrain, across a river and swamps. You can also have a picnic and swim in the river while taking in the beauty of this natural paradise of Ulu Tamu.

The 4×4 Ulu Tamu road adventure starts with necessary activities (Light & Easy), which is for those who are new to learning the correct and safe 4 x 4 driving vehicles. For anyone interested in experiencing this driving experience, they must have a driver’s license and must be able to drive a manual car. If you do not wish to miss this chance, better start practising driving a manual car.

Before the activity begins, a safety briefing is given so that no mistakes are made carelessly. But do not worry, there will be a guide that accompanies you.

Every four-wheeler should be prepared not only by the 4 x 4 vehicle when it passes the off-road but also in terms of mentality, self-esteem and necessary courage in the face of all possible offroad activities.

At some point, you will be driving on a climbing surface, down the hill even when the slope of the climb or descending is very steep and dangerous if safety measures are not taken into account.

These Tips for Crossing Rivers:

  1. Do not cross alone.
  2. Check the water depth. If necessary use another route.
  3. Determine the speed of the water flow, riverbed opening and all possible barriers.
  4. The crossing should lower the vehicle window and install the safety belt.
  5. Use gear 1 or 2.
  6. Do not switchgear in water and do not play with the clutch.
  7. If the path is sandy, add speed, so it does not sink.
  8. If the engine dies in deep rivers, do not turn on the machine.
  9. Be sure to get out of the river first.
  10. If you need, install a marker.

There are also plenty of muddy trails to be aware off. Be cautious when going through these muddy and slippery banks.

However, it is always important to be cautious because this smooth route will sometimes cause the vehicle to rotate and be more dangerous.

The ride ends with picnics and a wonderful waterfall. Then it is back to the base once again. For those of you who love and are interested in extreme sports, have to try this activity. And if someone is healthy, physically and mentally strong, this sport is for you.

Tour Itinerary

  • 09:00 AM ‣ Pick up from hotel & briefing
  • 09:30 AM ‣ Start 4WD Adventure
  • 02:00 PM ‣ Stop by waterfalls, packed Lunch at waterfall jungle trekking / Free & Easy ( swimming, walk in the jungle, etc.)
  • 04:30 PM ‣ Return to hotel

4×4 Off Road Enthusiast Must Bring

  • Zip Lock Bag
  • Mineral Water
  • Lunch
  • Guides
  • 4WD Transport
  • Transport throughout the journey (Return Transfer to Hotel)
  • Extra clothing to change
  • Towel
  • Medication (if necessary): – First Aid Kit is with Guide Tour
  • Private Camera (Optional)
  • Personal Toiletries (Environment Friendly)
  • Casual t-shirts with long/Shorts pants
  • Jungle trekking shoes/ sandals/ sport shoes
  • Extra pair of slipper/ shoes (in case of emergency ex: Shoes Worn Out)

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