Don’t Just Go For The White Coffee | Ipoh

Whenever someone says Ipoh, only two things come to mind “Ipoh-mali” or “Ipoh White Coffee”. That’s it. No one speaks about the limestone hills or the beautiful lush greenery.

Although some still think that Ipoh is a quiet and sleepy town, it is actually not. Ipoh is a pit stop to Penang or even to Kuala Lumpur and sometimes even to Cameron Highlands. Ipoh is a quick getaway for those from the busy city of Kuala Lumpur, especially for the weekends. From food to architect Ipoh has it all.

If you are looking for a quick weekend getaway from the city sound and lights Ipoh is definitely the place to go to. Ipoh is one of the largest cities in Malaysia and is located just 200 km from Kuala Lumpur. Easily one of the most underrated tourist destinations in Malaysia, Ipoh has so much to offer. There are plenty of great attractions in Ipoh, which will give you many opportunities to have fun. In addition to usual scenic attractions, you can also get into the thrill mode by enjoying some adventure attractions in Ipoh. Here’s a comprehensive list of adventure attraction which you should definitely visit in Ipoh.

Looking for an exciting nature trail to explore instead? Then the Jungle Trekking By Riverbug is perfect for you.

Explore the jungle up close and personal with the scenic view of nature at every turn. The birds chirping in the air, and the fresh air that surrounds you will help you feel re-energized. A guide will be provided to guide you throughout the trek in the jungles, which are hilly and mountainous. Discover nature in diversity with the many flora and fauna of the Malaysian jungles. You may chance upon some birds, insects and wild animals like monkeys, wild boars, sun bears, slow loris, etc.

Have you ever seen the largest flower in the world? Did you know that it grows in Malaysia? Then its time to trek up and look out for the Rafflesia.

The trek to the Rafflesia is near a little village about 12km from Gopeng, near Ipoh, Perak. To trek through the jungle to where the Rafflesia thrives, you need to engage the services of a Semai Orang Asli guide. The trek was hilly, some parts you really have to climb. Halfway up the hill, you can already see a Rafflesia. There were a few rotting carcasses here and there.

Tired of walking? Then there is White Water River Tubing as well which is perfect for those with an adrenalin rush.

For thrill-seekers who love adventures on the water, this river ride will leave you wanting for more as you feel the sun on your face and the cool water splashing by on you. Tube away with the water splashing on you as you paddle down the rivers. It is definitely the most fun in the sun thing to do as well as it will leave you with thrills of excitement

You love water and also love abseiling, but you can’t find the perfect match of the duo in any adventure? Well, then the is perfect for you.

This has to be the unique thing to do when in Ipoh as it combines both water and climbing into, Waterfall Abseiling. It is definitely the perfect match made in heaven for all things exciting and adventurous. Imagine coming down a wall of onrushing water. Try out this heart throbbing wet abseiling down a 15 meters waterfall. Safety gears and instructions are provided.

Fancy White Water Rafting instead? Well, we have that too if you are looking for a crazy rush of water gushing at you as paddle crazily.

The sun and the sweat and the coolness of the White Water Rafting will definitely excite you as you make your way down the river. Experience the exhilarating 1½ – 2 hours of rafting down the river through the rapids of the Kampar River. The water level can be class 2 to class 3.5 depending on the weather conditions. You will be briefed on safety aspects and how to handle the raft by professional guides. Safety gears are provided.

How about a ride down memory lane? The Taiping River Cruise is then the perfect thing to do on the weekend getaway from the KL city life.

Experience this unique river cruise that will include eagle sightings, a visit to the local fish farm and also an exploration of the natural wonders of Kuala Sangga. Going out on a boat, feeling the wind against your face, seeing wildlife, the life of a fishing town, locals carrying on the traditional trades passed down from their parents will only enhance the experience of Ipoh.

All the heat from the sun will surely exhaust you, so take a dip at the Bukit Merah Theme Park. With tons of water activities to be done, it will surely the fun way to beat the heat.

The 11-acre Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark offers many exciting attractions, such as the Boomerang fun-slide, the Giant Wet Bubble, the “Sandy BeachfrontWave Pool, as well as Water Flume Rides and Body Speed Slides. There’s also specially designed children’s attractions such as the Kids Adventure River and Perak Mining Pool plus other fun facilities that promise you and your family a thrilling time.

Seeking to find the origins of man? Then hop on a boat to the Orang Utan Island.

Orang Utan Island, a 5-acre (2-hectare) sanctuary for the magnificent red apes. Walk along paths where you can get a close look at the orangutans that roam this section of the island. Learn about the plight of these endangered apes and the efforts to save them and their habitat. You’ll likely see baby orangutans in the nursery – so cute!

Looking for something to do in the night instead? Time to get the city lights out of your mind and tune into the magical flickering lights of the fireflies.

The presence of thousands of fireflies creating a nature’s light show at night makes the place worth visiting. Fireflies (scientific name Pteroptyx tener) are special as the lower part of their abdomen emits a green light that flashes about three times per second. Watch the glimmering lights of these beautiful creatures as they light up the night as they surround you and have a magical night that is worth remembering.

When in Ipoh, the best is not to be missed. Visit one of the limestone caves and wonder in amazement at all its stalagmites and stalactites. It is surely an experience not to be missed.

This cave is metaphorically a breathtaking gallery of stalagmites and stalactites and other amazing rock formations which are superb speleological wonders found only in this part of the world. Inside the cave, you’ll be fascinated with interesting rock formations, stalagmites and even patterns on the wall as you go from one chamber to another, while listening to our guide tell stories from Gua Kandu’s history.

Feeling slightly creative? Try out Funtasy for a change.

Funtasy = Fun + Fantasy. Funtasy House Trick Art is a great bonding place for family and friends. More than 20 trick art perform by local artist, in your unexpected way. It is definitely the perfect place to take Instagram worthy pictures to post. With all the amazing murals to take photos off, it is the perfect place for families and group of friends alike.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your weekend bags and head to Ipoh this weekend for the amazing white coffee and all the crazy activities.