Why You Should Explore Malaysia With Tripcarte Asia

Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia’s overlooked paradises. Malaysia always gets neglected. It shouldn’t. Here’s why you should visit Malaysia (even if you have lived here all your life).

Located in between Indonesia and Thailand, Malaysia has the same wild jungles and painfully gorgeous beaches with freakishly blue waves. And as for blue as the water might be, you don’t just visit Malaysia to lie on a beach, you also go to encounter the incredible culture. Made up of people of Indian, Chinese, and Malay origins. Malaysia is like visiting three places in one!

Malaysia does not get adequate credit for its incredible breakfast options. For Malaysians, savoury breakfast is a must. It involves a delightful array of curries, noodles, roti’s, sambal’s, rice dishes, and delicious little surprises wrapped up in banana leaves. Coffee is replaced with Teh Tarik. Try an authentic Malaysian breakfast. You can get eggs everywhere else in the world; you can’t get Nasi Dagang (fish curry served with rice cooked in coconut milk).

Kuala Lumpur is one of the world’s most advanced cities, with gleaming skyscrapers and sci-fi-like highways. One of its biggest draws is the shopping. So why not explore a few shopping malls? Lot 10, Fahrenheit 88, and Starhill Gallery are among the best in the city.

When you’re done draining your bank account, head to the Hotel Majestic for afternoon tea in the Orchid Conservatory, where you can sit among the Instagram-worthy blooms. The colonial Hotel Majestic is oh-so-majestic, and if you’re going to spend a night in KL, you should spend it here.

Pangkor Laut is a private island paradise off the west coast of the country. As far as private islands go, it has pretty much everything you could ask for the lush jungle, Blue beaches, and a bay called Emerald Bay because the water is a fantastically bright emerald colour. You may want to chill, but on Pangkor is an activity galore.

Trek through the jungle, have a treatment in the spa village and take a cruise on an actual teakwood junk. For serious exclusivity, check yourself into one of the Spa Villas, which are set on stilts in the ocean. The only sound that might wake you from your jet-lagged slumber is that of the waves softly lapping against the shore.

Everyone will tell you to go to Penang for the food. To eat your way through Malaysian cuisine, Penang should be on the top of your list.

This is your chance to experience Malaysian hawker food at its best: Roti Canai, Assam Laksa, satay, nasi lemak. If you’ve no idea what any of those words mean, who cares? Throw caution to the wind and allow yourself to get lost in the wonderful world of Malaysian street food.

Just make sure you save room for dessert. Kuih bakar is a delicious, glutinous kuih (Malaysian sweet cake) made from coconut milk, egg, flour, sugar, and pandan leaves, which cannot and should not be missed—try the Nyonya Kuih Stall at Pulau Tikus Market, off Burma Road in George Town, Penang.

Malaysia has some of the best snorkeling and diving locations in the world and Tenggol Island, Terengganu is one of them.

Located off the east coast, Tenggol and the surrounding islands are arguably some of the most naturally beautiful places on the planet. Getting there requires a 1.5 hour boat ride from the mainland, where tropical fish and reef sharks await.

If you love travelling and spending your holidays in beautiful and tropical countries, you definitely need to see Malaysia!

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