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Malaysia during the monsoon season? Not a problem. Entertainment options abound, regardless of the precipitation factor. Have an umbrella will travel! Aside from enjoying the carefree perks and amenities of your hotel room (hello, afternoon nap and room service), there is quite a selection of things-to-do on a rainy day. You are guaranteed to keep you nearly dry and prevent cabin fever. So, grab your umbrella and let’s go!

We all know pretty much everyone who visits Langkawi has a to-do list. And in that list is the SkyCab tour. But what can you do when mother nature is against you with her hormonal weather rage? Do not be discouraged as I am about to tell you what you can do when it gets super windy, or the rain starts pouring when you are at the Oriental Village in Langkawi.

Oriental Village in Langkawi is as oriental as it sounds. There is so much to do and see while visiting. Oriental Village is an open-air all-in-one complex. It’s full of stalls and retail stores selling all kinds of items like clothes, souvenirs, bags, sunglasses, art and craft items and a lot more. Other offerings include several food and beverage outlets and restaurants, host of activities, rides and tours, animal exhibits, spa and even a boutique hotel.

The entire village complex is laid out as a themed lifestyle complex having a large central lake and with architecture in Chinese and Japanese style giving it a retro yet modern look. There are marked paved pathways all through the village and arch footbridges at several points to cross over water streams. Overall the setting is lovely and enjoyable for a leisure stroll.

The Oriental Village is also the home for Malaysia’s one of the top attractions – The Cable Car and the Sky Bridge. This is undoubtedly the topmost attraction here. The frequent long queues in front of the ticketing counter are indicative of that. You will be amazed at the number of activities that take place at the Oriental Village complex. This is because the village is now a major tourist attraction by itself. So here is a list of what you can do if the cable car rides are closed due to the weather malfunctions.

1. Duck Tours

This is another fantastic tour on an amphibious vehicle which is both a bus and a boat and also looks like a combination of the two. The Duck Tour will first take you on the road through the neighbouring area and then splash into the water at nearby Telaga Harbor. And then it shows you the marina and many other landmarks from the water before returning.

2. 3D Art Museum

A new art museum is known as ‘Art in Paradise’ has come up at Oriental Village. It’s the largest in Malaysia. With 21,000 square feet of build-up, it features more than one hundred 3D interactive paintings, artistically painted by a group of talented international artists. This is yet another signature product by Langkawi SkyCab in collaboration with Art In Paradise Langkawi providing new dimension and experience to visitors. Step inside or crawl into the exhibits. Interact with the characters and become the subject of the artwork on display. This almost surreal gallery is a must-have on your to-do list.

3. Time Travel Imaginarium

Time Travel is a futuristic space equipped with the latest technology to transform your imagination into reality. Take a ride inside your mind and travel to the ends of your imagination at Malaysia’s very first Imaginarium! An inviting space with innovative, immersive and interactive installations to transport you into a whole different world with endless possibilities. A visual treat from start to finish, built to bring smiles and laughter.

4. Elephant Adventure

You can ride the famous elephant Lasah who appeared in the Hollywood movie ‘Anna & The King’ and several other telefilms. There are fun, river and jungle adventures on elephant back. You can also join the feeding session to feed the elephant.

5. Segway Guided Tours

These are personal transporters and self-balancing & eco-friendly machines on two wheels. There is an outlet at the centre of the village that offers rides on these battery-operated vehicles. Once you start riding, you can control the speed and direction easily. You can either choose a fun ride and to go around the Oriental Village or take the jungle ride through the secondary forest to the foothill of Mount Mat Cincang. The fun rides cost RM17 per person and Jungle ride RM30 per person. You can also ask them to take your group photo as you ride.

6. Anjung Spa

Their speciality is Fish Spa. Dip your feet into the aquarium, and hundreds of fishes would remove all the dead cells from your feet. When you see your feet again, they will look different and fresh. However, the Spa also offers several other massages including Thai Massage, Shoulder massage as well as Pedicure & Manicure services. Combo packages are also provided.

7. Langkawi ATV/QUAD Adventure

The company offers thrilling rides on ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) on both jungle and beach trails. Most jungle rides take place in the secondary rainforest of Mount Machinchang. The rides can be from 15 minutes to more than an hour. The company is operating since 2007 and have 8 Quad vehicles with engine sizes between 90cc to 330cc. Rides are available for beginners and experienced. You will find them next to the Elephant Adventure.

8. Animal Farm

There is an animal farm inside the Oriental Village. With a backdrop of the mountains and having being set up in lush greenery, the farm looks beautiful. There are several common and small animals inside like deer, rabbits etc. which could of interest to the kids. Entry fee is RM1.

9. Langkawi Interpretive Center

It is also known as the Langkawi Information Center. You can walk into this impressive centre to know all about why and how Langkawi was accorded a world geopark status in 2007 by UNESCO. The centre has a lot of information and artefacts about the rock and other geological formations of the island. Shortly after entering through the main gate, take a right turn, and you will see this centre placed prominently.

Other Attractions

There are several other attractions & activities in Oriental Village which could entertain families and children. For example, there is a place where you can participate in fish feeding. At the central lake, you can go paddle boating. If you are more adventurous, go for Flying Fox… You will be harnessed to an overhead cable with a hook & roller … you will then zip down the cable from one end to the other … lasts for less than a minute but quite thrilling for kids.

What else is there do?

One of the main offerings of Oriental Village is shopping. It is, in a way, can be seen as a themed and open-air shopping complex. There are a large number of retail outlets and stalls selling all kinds of goods here, including souvenirs, trinkets, accessories, clothes, artwork and a lot more. You will also get some of the best deals here on the island. There is also an outlet selling duty-free items including perfume, alcohol & tobacco. And then you can eat and eat and eat. Having been engaged in activities & rides and done some shopping, the best thing is to have some sumptuous food in the village. To complement that, there are several excellent restaurants and even a large food court in the village complex.

Check out more than 40 Langkawi attractions. All catered for that perfect tripWith all this. There is nothing to fret about as you can kill time with all these wonderful activities. Don’t let mother nature hormones get the best out of your Langkawi adventure.

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