A Langkawi Valentine’s Island Escape

Langkawi is not only known as a great holiday destination for families but also for couples alike.

It offers the perfect escapade for newlyweds, honeymooners, and couples. Langkawi is a paradise, so even in a small beach hut, you could feel like you are in the most romantic place on earth. And when you add all the luxury romantic options Langkawi has to that, you are bound to leave with the unforgettable memories of the most romantic trip you had with your significant other.

Couples can enjoy an exclusive dinner by the cliff overlooking the white sandy beach where lies the clear blue water of the Andaman Sea. The Cliff will enlighten the senses with contemporary design, charming views, and amazing food that is accompanied by picturesque sunsets.

This Valentine’s Day also entices you and your loved one to join the Sky Cab whilst at Langkawi, where the steepest cable car ride on earth goes up to 708m above sea level to Langkawi’s second highest peak of Mt. Machinchang. Couples are able to experience a thrilling experience while overseeing an amazing 360of Langkawi.

Every couple should also go island hopping to savor all the beautiful islands scattered around. Each island provides its unique characteristics in its own way showcasing its beauty and the nature that surrounds it. Island hopping allows for sightseeing that couples can enjoy together.

Besides that, couples who are adrenaline junkies and seeking adventure should also take the chance to go on a jet ski tour. The jet ski tour is a wonderful experience that can be enjoyed while visiting all the beautiful islands of Langkawi on the open ocean.

Couples who want to end their trip on a romantic note, so end their evening with a sunset dinner cruise. The cruise sets out into the sea and couples and enjoys the view also whilst dipping in the ocean. Dinner is then served on the cruise with a wide array of choices ranging from vegetarian to halal.

Langkawi is a paradise on its own that enthrals couples as thou they are on a private vacation on a gem of an island. Langkawi will surely light up the romance in any couple whilst vacationing at this wonderful place.

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