To The Beautiful Sunsets | Langkawi

Written By: Gautham

Honeymoon always do have a course of some romantic times being spent on some unique places. As far as our trip was concerned, my hubby had a super racy list of activities scheduled all day long for the entire honeymoon trip. So expecting some romantic time out of the plan was not possible at all.

But that’s where he did hide this golden hour! It was 10 minutes past 4 in the evening, and as usual, he was all chasing me to get ready to move out. In particular, after we rented a new bike, he didn’t want to waste a single minute. I had no idea about what was coming up!

Me: “I know this dress is good, but still just asking, how is this dress looking on me?” (I was dressed up in a black jumpsuit)

He: After thinking for a moment with smile, “I think you wear an extra layer”

Me: “Please tell me where are we going? I beg you please….”

He: “You will come to know my dear, come on…,now please get ready fast…”

With no clue of what was coming up, I just went. (I didn’t remove the extra layer though), I was so excited, and You know what I can’t wait for? Yes, the surprise!! The curious me just got me scratch my head. We finally reached “Resorts world Langkawi” around 4.30 pm, where a group of people were waiting for the yacht.

He had booked the “Sunset Dinner Cruise” activity in Crystal Yacht via MyLangkawiDeals. It was a luxurious and romantic activity which was in my bucket list for a long time. I couldn’t explain how happy I was! But didn’t show it off to him and remained silent. If I ever say anything good about it, he will take advantage and get things done with it, how will a clever woman let that happen? (girls, hubby’s shouldn’t be boasted! Becoz that’s a rule)

We were waiting for one more couple to join. I was all shouting at him for not giving me enough time to put on my mascara and making me stay here instead. Meanwhile, a group of people, who had booked through some other agent boarded the yacht. The yacht was quite crowded. I felt like it was too many for the vessel.

Luckily our yacht was not crowded. We, around a group of 13 people boarded the vessel from “Resorts world Langkawi”. The crowd was a mix of some honeymoon couples and travellers. Also, a couple of folks had to take us through – one was the captain and other guys to prepare food. As soon as we boarded, the yacht started, and we all took some time to check out all the luxuries of the vessel. We were welcomed with a cool drink of our choice out of some fresh juices and cocktails. There were delicious roasted peanuts and some snacks (which I can never stop eating).

After making ourselves comfortable in the yacht, we started to pull out some conversation with fellow travellers. We got to meet two Indian couples, two Japanese women and a Korean family. All the fellow travellers were friendly and fun-loving. The kids were all happy and were utilising the yacht to its fullest.

Slowly, the dirty brown waters started to fade, and the crystal blue, green waters began showing up. While we started to from Resorts World Langkawi, we saw two huge ferries (really huge) which were also leaving Langkawi!

The yacht had good cushion seatings and restrooms in the closed area to make ourselves comfortable. And there was a small storage area as well. In the yacht‘s open front side, two seats were there at both the edges to capture beautiful photos. Two hanging beds were decorated enough to jump right away. The couples out there were taking selfies and drinking cocktails and were doing some chit-chatting.

The chef set the fire for our barbeques. After 10 minutes into the course, we started witnessing small islands on the way, and there was this glorious place where the sun rays were falling between the hills of two islands. That was a stunning moment. The captain slowed down for a while for letting us click some frames.

Another 20 minutes into the course, the net was laid down, and the salt water jacuzzi was underway. I was quite afraid to jump in. He was mocking me for being a coward. While checking the Indian couple already in the net, I suddenly got pushed into the nets. I was shocked as hell and started to shout out of fear. It was none other than my husband, and he was laughing for the next 15 minutes. He was clicking pictures of us. And then I pulled him in…. He tried to drown me so often either by dunking me entirely in the water or pushing me outside of the net.

Suddenly a sharp thing hit my foot. I started screaming “Shark!…..” He laughed like anything and showed me the wooden piece. He used to scare me with! It was such an embarrassment! He took advantage of my fear and scared the hell out of me in the name of adventure. It was just two couples who got into the Jacuzzi. Others didn’t join us. Scared, maybe?!?

In the meantime, one more yacht joined us, and the captains tied the yachts together with a long rope. My already busy husband was so busy capturing the beautiful nature, the golden hour and no clue or concern about me! I was so pissed off and started watching the beautiful sunset without bothering about the romance(less) weirdo!

Suddenly a warm hand surrounded my waist and hot breath touched my shoulder. Yes, my busy husband suddenly turned romantic. He showed a fantastic pic of me like watching the sunset. The moment was indeed the best of the trip with calm waters, small islands around, beautiful birds decorating the sky and the golden sun setting with its spectacular reflections on the water!

The sunset showed us all sorts of colourful drama happening in the sky and was the best 8-10 minutes of the whole trip.

I asked him, “What do you think is most romantic this evening?, the calm ocean, beautiful green islands, the golden shade of sunset, the cool breeze, the soothing music, the wine,….”, He stopped me by planting a lip kiss and said, “Your looks!, the strongest of all!”, I smiled, and we spent more time talking sweet nothings.

Our barbeques were ready by the time, and the dimly lit yacht couldn’t get any better for a romantic dinner amidst the sea and stars. The barbeques had never been that delicious. As the evening kissed the night, we left our heart at the beach and moved.“

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens every day can end beautifully.” -Kristen Butler.

We experienced the meaning of this quote so beautifully on that day. And so it is time to write our own quote.

“You are the best jewel, I can ever be adorned!,the Sea told the Sunset.” -Mrs.Wanderer