A Day In Kilim Karst Geoforest Park | Langkawi

Written By: Gautham

Though there are plenty of tourist attractions in Langkawi, Kilim Geoforest tops the list for many reasons. The 100 square kilometres spanned serene nature reserve of its unique kind is a house for many endangered wildlife.

Kilim Geoforest Park is a mangrove geoforest park. The geography includes dense mangrove swamps, vertical limestone hills which are more than 500 million years old, caves with numerous fossils and stalactites, pristine beaches and much more.

So how could we miss this escape to wonders of serene nature? So I am here to share how we spent our day in Kilim Geoforest Park.

Things We Packed

Water bottles, sunscreen, a good stole if you want to cover yourself to beat the heat, snacks if you want, camera, hand sanitizer, some wet tissues, hat, sunglasses, action camera, sand off spray, swimsuit, etc. The Kilim package with MyLangkawiDeals had a cab pick up and drop available.

After packing our bags we boarded the cab which was waiting for us to take us to Kilim geoforest park. We stayed in Langkawi lagoon resort, so the drive was about 40-45 minutes from our resort. The entire path was filled with lush green paddy fields, street-side shops and more scenic views.

Upon reaching the geopark, the tour guide was waiting for us. The people were split into 10-15 member groups and there were guides in each group. They also gave us stickers to ensure that we don’t get mixed with other groups! How creative!!!

Our guide seemed to be a well-experienced person and was giving clear safety instructions and do’s & don’ts. We were all accommodated in a speed boat, and Life jackets were given to everyone. We didn’t wear it though. We preferred the backside of the boat to have some good view and for capturing some great pictures.

The crowd was a mixture of the northeast and middle east foreigners ranging from honeymoon couples to families. If you are a person who likes history and would like to know many interesting facts about the geoforest park, please listen to your guide. If you show little interest, they would be super happy to share more such facts with you.

Within one or two minutes we reached our first stop, Bat caves. These are limestone caves which are a house for many bats. Enroute the cave, we saw a tree upside down, called the elephant tree, I tried hard to remember the scientific name, but it was too hard for me. It was one of the oldest trees in the geoforest park, and there were some other plants which produce a milk-like substance which can act as a very good natural stomach cleaning medicine. If you know what I mean.

On entering the bat caves, we were advised not to make much noise but camera flashes were allowed. The reason being is bats is very insensitive to light but too sensitive to sound. The place was little smelly and it is better not to place your hands anywhere, otherwise, you will end up in touching bat shit. Inside the cave, there were groups of bats hanging upside down on the roofs. We took some photos and came out. There were plenty of mud crabs and monkeys waiting to snatch your snacks, so beware of those. We got a chance to see much more special plants and wildlife.

In minutes ride from bat cave, we reached the floating fish farm, where many varieties of fishes were there. You can take photos, feed fishes, taste fishes or even you can talk with fishes, I will say how! The local guy over there helped us in feeding fishes. To our surprise, they have named the fishes and they call the fishes with its names. And the fishes are very responsive, it comes for its food when it is called with its name. We were able to feed 4 years old fish named some after that we saw crocodile cave and monkey river.

In the Monkey river, monkeys were in both the sides, waiting to jump into our boat right away and snatch our food. So please don’t keep any food item, even water bottles outside. The monkeys are macaque, and we got to know some of its facts which are strictly 18+. Skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want to know. These monkeys are sexually very active. The male monkeys are very busy husbands which have sex more than 15 times a day and with more than 10 to 15 female monkeys. It sees no season. All seasons and all days happy hours. Surprisingly some of the male monkeys are bisexual too.

After moving from monkey river, we entered the Eagle zone where we got to see two to three varieties of eagles. The guide scattered some food from one end of the boat and the eagles snatched its prey in a jiffy. They fly high and fast. These feedings are not their only source of food, they hunt their own food. On the contrary to the monkeys, these eagles are very loyal to their partners. Only one partner for a lifetime. The time will be around 1 p.m to 2 p.m upon finishing these activities, so definitely your stomach will start ringing bells.

The tour we took was inclusive of lunch. The guide took us to a floating restaurant where the lunch was arranged. The menu served was some soup, egg fried rice, fried chicken, orange juice, pineapple and watermelon for desserts. They had some other alternatives for vegetarian people also. The taste was quite good. You can order more varieties if you want but on your own.

After having a good meal we started to the beach. The drive was about 15-20 minutes. In the ride, you would be able to see the Tanjung Rhu beach view and some Thailand islands in distance. We reached the long sand beach. These destinations may vary depending on the group you are travelling with. But If you prefer some white sand tranquil beaches, long sandy beach is a perfect choice.

Literally no one was there except our boat mates. You can spend some time at the beach and can swim if you want. You can spot some flashy fishes and luckily we found one thermocouple piece to try surfing. It is a perfect place for honeymoon couples for many reasons. After spending some quality time and taking enough no photos, we were dropped back to the destination in the cab.

Why We Liked It

The Kilim Karst geoforest is a beautiful art of nature which you can see, touch, know its history, play in the beaches and have fun.

Note To The Fellow Travelers

Kilim geoforest is not just an attraction to visit, it has much more history and importance in terms of geography. If you are a nature enthusiast it will definitely be a destination for you. We booked the trip with MyLangkawiDeals for a cheaper rate, and the overall experience was great.