5 Reasons Why Malaysia is Simply Wonderful

Malaysia is a country full of contrasts and exciting cultures. The majority are Muslims, but side by side people with different cultures and religions lives in peace and harmony. For those who crave big cities, Kuala Lumpur is one of the best. Longing for sun and beaches? You will find plenty of fantastic paradise beaches in the Malaysian islands.

Malaysia is one of the best countries in Asia and here are 5 reasons to love Malaysia and why it should be your next destination.

1. Malaysia Is A Mix Of The Old And The New

For those who like to experience both old and new, Malaysia is an ideal destination. In the major cities, there are massive skyscrapers, modern hotels, and large shopping centers at the same time in other parts of the city; one could find old temples and more local areas where life is simple.

Thanks to the multiculturalism that exists in the country, you can also experience the new and old from many cultures. Especially China and India that have made a great impact, but also the Malay culture and of course the western culture

2. What is Malaysia If Not For The Food

Love a good meal of food? In Malaysia, there are delicious foods everywhere, so it is enough and left for a whole year. Food stalls are lined up along the streets; serving fresh and delicious food in many varieties. At the same time, you can sit down at a more upscale restaurant and be served a gourmet dinner without breaking the bank.

3. Beautiful Stretch Of Beaches

Malaysia’s beaches are reason enough to love the country. But, the marine wildlife offers an enjoyable experience with tropical fishes and colorful coral reefs as well.

4. Lush Green Nature

It is not just paradise beaches that impress in Malaysia, but also nature itself, which is lush and beautiful in many places. Among other things, Borneo is one of these natural gems that Malaysia has to offer its visitors.

5. One Of The Most Affordable Countries In South East Asia

Southeast Asia is generally inexpensive compared to our prices at home in Sweden, Europe, and the US, and Malaysia is no exception. But, compared other countries in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is more developed, and there are something for everyone, both budget and upscale.

In Kuala Lumpur and Penang, one will find some of Asia’s most exclusive shopping centers with all the designer brands you can think of in huge malls with hundreds of stores. Food and transport are also cheap.

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