Kidzania – Kuala Lumpur

Kidzania – Kuala Lumpur
Harga tiket Kidzania

With many long weekends around the corner, am pretty sure many mummies and daddies are scratching their heads to come up with a plan for a fun, fulfilling weekend for their kiddies.

KidZania Kuala Lumpur is definitely the place to visit if you have little children who want to learn about the great big world out there.


If you haven’t heard of KidZania before well then it’s time you did!

harga tiket kidzania

KidZania would be a great place to bring your kids for a day out. What is KidZania? It is an indoor family edutainment centre which offers an interactive learning and entertainment experience for kids in a kid-sized city to deliver the first-of-its-kind edutainment fun. The KidZania experience is about real-life experiences, empowering, inspiring and educating kids through role-play.


KidZania is an indoor city built to scale for kids – it has shops, paved roads, working vehicles and its own government, language, currency and greetings – Kai, with two fingers held over the heart –  and a KidZania dance that plays every so often where all the staff emerge from their jobs and dance in the street…


There’s also a farewell dance to signal the end of the day where all the staff line the streets and wave goodbye to the children as they leave.  A lovely way to end the day. Kids can even apply for and gain their own KidZania passport – that looks just like the real thing.


The entrance to KidZania is set up like a check-in counter of an airport.  Staff are dressed as air host and hostesses and the entrance ticket is a boarding pass.

Tickets are sometimes sold out within hours on weekends and public holidays. On weekdays, you can stay all day in KidZania, whereas on weekends and public/school holidays, there will be 2 sessions per day.


At immigration, each child and parent are given an electronic tag, which they will scan everytime the child goes for an activity. Since KidZania is designed for kids, parents can walk and bring their children around but not enter the outlet where each activity is carried out. Only children 8 years and above can be left without parent supervision. Kids up to age of 17 can play in KidZania.


Children are then  issued with a cheque that they can exchange at the bank for some Kidzo’s.  Kidzo’s are KidZania currency. Children can earn more Kidzo’s by doing various jobs in the city, and they can also spend them on other activities and food.


All jobs at KidZania have age limits.  Most of the jobs are for 4-17 year olds, however there are some where the age limit is 8 years and above.  For those children who are under 4 there are a couple of indoor playgrounds located in the premises.


Activities are either jobs where they earn money – the KidZania currency is KidZos –  for working, or where they pay money to take part, with discounts for kids with KidZania passports. Some jobs are inside shops, offices or industry buildings that are so realistic, and other activities take place outside – with kids riding in a scale fire engine to put out a fire using real hoses and water, and making courier deliveries – where they are treated as proper couriers by the staff and have to get them to sign for the goods and give a receipt.


You will see police on patrol, repairmen, journalists gathering stories and the CSI team conducting forensic investigations! Actors and dance groups will perform at internals throughout the day and the dancers and models will to their stuff in the theatre. It’s so amazingly well run and professional.


Among some of the jobs that KidZania has for kids are such as Radio DJ, firefighter, surgeon, mechanic, pilot, teacher, lawyer and so much more. The best time to go to KidZania and enjoy all these are during the weekday, as weekend its tends to get a bit too crowded. Therefore kids might either be wasting time waiting in line or not having an opportunity at all.


kidzania kl

Kids will look so cute in their Pilot Uniforms but unfortunately for parents are not allowed in.


This job involved flying an Airplane and landing it on a simulated computer. The payment for completion of this task was 15 Kidzo’s.


harga tiket kidzania

Kids will be given a safety briefing then they will get suited up. The staff will then help the kids to board up a fire engine truck and head to the crime scene, where kids will then be able to help to put out a building on fire. Kids will get paid 8 Kidzo’s for this activity.


harga tiket kidzania

The Nurses job is to look after newborn babies. The activity takes around 20 minutes and the job entails bathing, feeding and dressing a baby doll. Kids will get paid 10 Kidzo’s for this activity.

Doctor / Surgeon

harga tiket kidzania

The Doctor get’s to save a life.  Kids are dressed up in full scrub gears and will be taken straight into an operating room.  They will be then shown different instruments and then the can chose one. The staff will brief the kid that there were things inside the patients lungs that needed to come out. Once the patient life has been saved, kids will then be given 10 Kidzo’s.



For this job the kids were given a real DSLR camera and they walked around the city taking photo’s of other kids doing jobs. This job will earn kids 6 Kidzo’s.

Actor / Actress

Actor / Actress

The kids were given a short skit to memorise and they performed it on the main stage. This activity took 40 minutes and the kids were paid 8 Kidzo’s.

There are over 99 jobs and activities to do at KidZania and thats only the surface. Definitely kids will have an amazing day and wished they could have done more.


At the end of the day if the kids have any Kidzo’s left over they can spend it at the KidZania Store.


The best part about KidZania is that the children are encouraged and supported to be independent. They must communicate directly with staff and are given responsibility to perform tasks – often surprising themselves with their success – and earning money for their effort.

So what you waiting for? Book your KidZania tickets now and enjoy a hassle free weekend with your kids.

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