Plane In The City

Plane In The City

Imagine a 5-star dinner. With the perfect partner. The perfect setting. The perfect menu. And even so, it comes with amazing to die for experience. However, living in Malaysia has its own ups and downs. We all know that Malaysia is not to be messed with especially when wanting to have the same things and experience as the westerners have. But to put all that aside, Malaysia finally has something to be called unique and its own.

So when you arrive at Plane in the City, the first and foremost thing that you will notice is the rather huge plane. And ya, its just sitting there in the middle of the city like its just doing its thing. But from all that you will realize that its a little different and somewhat feels luxurious at the same time all the while special too. Like you are meant for it.

Plane in the City

It’s easy to see why these experience-based eateries work to a certain extent – These Instagram-worthy dining experiences with a strong novelty, be it in the environment or menu, feeds curiosities and appeases the appetites of modern consumers.


Plane In The City offers diners a 90-minute experience where you’ll get to enjoy freshly-prepared meals an actual Boeing 737 aircraft on ground. “Passengers” will also get the option to experience a chance-of-a-lifetime to walk on the wings of the aircraft and snap selfies the Pilot’s cockpit.


Brought to you by the same guys who introduced Dinner in the Sky, Plane in the City is located obscurely along Jalan Bukit Bintang and anyone who doesn’t pay enough attention to the directions would probably miss the narrow turning in.


Granted, there were two activities onboard – the Wing Walk and Cockpit Tour. The former allowed guests a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to step foot on the wings of the plane with safety harnesses in place while the latter permitted guests a cockpit visit whereby they could stick their heads out the windows on either side for photos.

Plane in the City - Cockpit

That aside, the interior of the make believe plane itself is commendable. There were comfy sofas a la first class seats with LED screens displaying the names of each passenger, a proper dining setup, and a cabin crew complete in uniform.


Sitting only 20 people per session to maintain exclusivity, food aboard the aircraft will be served in 3 or 4 courses (depending on package chosen) by Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur, a well-known five-star hotel, appointed based on their exciting menu and great-tasting cuisine.

“Food, in our tradition, is something sacred, it’s not about the nutrients or calories. It’s about sharing, honesty and identity. Hence the philosophy of cooking has to be an intimate experience thus the idea behind the menu for dining in the plane is all about -creating an honest and intimate experience for the diners through the food” said Chef Antoine Rodriquez, Executive Chef of Le’Meridien Kuala Lumpur.

Dinner was definitely splendid with a vast menu to choose from. It will be highlight of the evening. Perhaps you should decide for yourselves on this new kinda dinner experience.

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